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Adpoint Solution Self-Service

Adpoint Self-Service is intuitive and easy-to-use. It books an order, builds the content, and processes the payment - there is no rekeying data and no operational management required at any stage in the process.

Adpoint Self-Service provides advertisers with templates, ad customization, automated layout resizing, order upgrades, and flexible package ordering. Advertisers using the solution have real-time access to account information and discounting. Additionally, media companies can easily customize Adpoint Self-Service to reflect their brand.

Features + Benefits:

  • An intuitive booking process that includes access to real-time account information
  • Supports private advertisers, trade customers, and agencies
  • A quick and easy-to-maintain open-source portal interface
  • Offers flexible and customizable discount structures
  • Easily integrates with credit card and payment gateways
  • Provides user-friendly performance and trend reports
  • Requires no IT overhead

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Salesforce CRM Integration

For companies using Salesforce CRM, Lineup can seamlessly integrate Adpoint booking and analytic tools into your Salesforce application, giving your sales team access to Adpoint’s advertising sales capabilities without changing their user experience.

Salesforce Integration

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