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Telecommunications technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, bringing 5G and Industry 4.0 to the doorsteps of countries around the globe. More than 130 nations plan to invest in 5G,-¯with 5G networks already operational in 61 countries.-¯ 

In this article, explore the power of 5G and its potential to change the way people live and work-”including how they consume editorial and advertising content. Plus, find out what the world’s adoption of this technology means for media owners. 

5G: fast, and growing quickly

5G is the fastest mobile communications technology in existence. As such, it’s a hot ticket item for both corporations and consumers. In 2020,-¯the global 5G market was valued at nearly $41.5 billion, according to a report by Grand View Research. That number is expected to grow by a substantial 46% come 2028. 

Increasing demand for-¯Internet of Things-¯applications-”physical devices connected to the internet, like smart speakers and thermostats-”is driving the adoption of 5G in the U.S., the U.K., and beyond. The key to this technology’s success? 5G offers incredibly fast download times and low latency, or quick upload times. 

In comparison to 4G technology, which enables download speeds between-¯10 and 50 megabits per second (Mbps), 5G will run at 50Mbps or faster. On mobile devices, 5G speeds could even exceed 100Mbps. This will mean you can download a movie almost instantaneously in 4K resolution, which will minimize reliance on cable networks (and likely some shouting at slow moving screens, too).-¯ 

“With existing 4G networks, you’re looking at an average latency of around 50 milliseconds (ms). That could drop to 1ms with 5G technology,” according to-¯this article by Digital Trends. “Low latency is vital for real-time reactions in machines or cars, and lower latency could also make cloud gaming possible.” 

A massive opportunity for media owners

Publishers across the media landscape are currently working to-¯understand the potential of 5G as it relates to their organizations, and are even testing the technology with wireless internet providers. It’s clear that 5G will provide media owners with an opportunity to evolve their editorial and advertising content to leverage the new mobile communications ecosystem. 

“Change is the only constant in the media industry, and 5G presents an exciting opportunity for publishers. This technology will accelerate accessibility and speed, and will lead to new business models and improved management of customer relationships and multichannel orders, which publishers and advertisers alike can leverage,” said Neil Webster, Sales & Account Director at Lineup Systems. 

Here are a few of the key areas publishers are focusing on when it comes to 5G,-¯as reported by eMarketer

  • Researching content distribution requirements 
  • Testing creative for 5G networks-¯ 
  • Investing in mobile video production 
  • Reviewing how their organizations collect and store data 
  • Exploring other possible applications of 5G 

5G will also give new meaning to the phrase “show, don’t tell,” which is well known among news reporters. Senior executives in the industry have suggested that the technology will enable news media owners to transform the way they share information with audiences. 

“Media will be one of the first industries to benefit from the technology,” Rathi Murthy, CTO of Verizon Media,-¯told Built In. “The future of media is rooted in immersive experiences that bring the news to life.” 

The industry is also collaborating to gather and share information through initiatives like the 5G Media Action Group, a non-profit association based in Switzerland with a focus on helping companies implement this technology.-¯According to its website, the 5G Media Action Group unites “content and service providers, network operators, technology solution suppliers, equipment manufacturers, R&D organizations, regulators, and policy makers.” 

A new advertising frontier

5G has the potential to transform publishers’ advertising models. Faster loading and streaming times will enable audiences to-¯view more online content on mobile devices at greater speeds, and to spend more time on their mobile devices as a result of this enhanced experience. 5G will present publishers with new opportunities to sell inventory to advertisers, who will surely welcome more chances to get their messages in front of consumers. 

“In an age where people are constantly scrolling, slower load times rob advertisers of the opportunity to connect with the right consumer at the right time. While the jury is still out on whether or not 5G enables access to higher quality video in ads, a simple factor such as loading an ad on-time can improve the user’s experience and make them less annoyed with ads,” according to-¯this article by AiThority

Location targeting will also improve with the adoption of 5G,-¯thanks to the technology’s geo-capabilities. This signals an opportunity for media owners to collaborate with the organizers of large, in-person events to deliver ads to audiences in the millions, in a seamless way. 

The right technology to support you

When 5G becomes mainstream, will your media organization be ready? Having modern, cloud-based technology at your fingertips is the first step to future proofing your business.-¯ 

Lineup Systems’-¯Adpoint-¯media sales management software enables media owners to take advantage of the opportunities presented by 5G and smoothly oversee sales, customer relationships, and order management. Lineup is easy to deploy and use, and offers robust analytics so you can gain insight into how your organization is performing at any time.-¯Learn more about how Adpoint can help your team excel. 


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