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The most powerful advertising analytics solution on the market, Adpoint Analytics provides you with a 360-degree view of your sales, operations, and finances – all in one place.

Existing systems may give you partial visibility over various data streams, but Adpoint Analytics can give you the complete picture across your entire multichannel sales organization in one reporting solution.

Our advertising analytics software combines information from all advertising channels to provide powerful insights into customer behavior, product performance, channel effectiveness, and company finances.

There’s also an option to import and include third-party data in some reports.

This comprehensive reporting engine connects seamlessly with all Adpoint modules to create a complete analytical workspace for customers in our ecosystem. Our most recent offering, 360 Analytics, includes customizable dashboards and automated reports dispatch.

Built-in reports covering CRM, OMS and Finance data

Our pre-defined reports can provide full analytics across all your channels, products, and brands. The module’s analytics capabilities include activity tracking, pipeline movements, sales conversion tools, and performance tracking against budgets, targets, and pre-defined KPIs. Permissions can be set to ensure users can only see data relating to their business units.

Tailored data visualization

With 360 Analytics, you’re not bound by our vision of what you should see. The intuitive, drag-and-drop style dashboards within our advertising reporting software can be customized with the data that really matters to your teams, in formats that make sense to them. The result? Fast access to multi-media ad sales intelligence to help your staff spot spend dips, find upsell opportunities, or flag up sales at risk.

Customizable dashboards

You can configure reports to load automatically on commonly accessed pages outside of your reporting module in 360 Analytics. For example, you can specify that a certain report loads automatically on a user’s homepage. Super-users can create reports and charts which can be picked up and used by other users, so not everyone needs to be familiar with how to use this functionality.

Create your own reports

Custom reports can be set up quickly and easily in 360 Analytics – by your developers or ours – and configured to include data imported from different SQL data sets. What’s more, the system’s intelligent testing agent will run automated checks after these reports have been deployed to identify any errors and highlight any bad data.

Easy dispatch

Forget downloading and emailing documents manually. With 360 Analytics, you can set your preferred reports to run at scheduled intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or at custom times). You can then ask the software to automatically dispatch these documents to a list of internal or external contacts.

Collect and share crucial data

Whether sent out manually or automatically, the reports generated by Adpoint Analytics will contain business-critical information that will help teams in all departments make better decisions and use their resources more efficiently. Users at all levels will benefit from the impressive insights generated by our advertising analytics solution.

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