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Our advertising CRM software provides a series of features designed to simplify the sales process, enhance your customers’ experience with your brand, and keep your teams focused on selling, not admin.

A great CRM system is always the starting point for tangible and transformative change within your advertising or media company. It can provide added stability to your systems, nurture more confidence amongst your sales teams, improve the quality of the service you deliver to your customers, and, just as importantly, help you drive unprecedented business growth.

Adpoint CRM takes these concepts one step further by delivering unique, media-specific sales functionality to open a world of opportunities beyond the day-to-day.

System highlights include:

  • Built-in lead generation tools to help your staff identify market and customer opportunities.
  • Advanced sales automation for faster document creation and pipeline management; and easy-to-use activity management systems packed full of all kinds of useful widgets that will make light work of the sales process, including shared calendars, call lists, and even performance tracking and analytics intelligence.
  • Our CRM is also natively connected to our OMS module, which means it can comfortably manage even the most complex catalog offerings.

Guided sales journeys

Create and implement step-by-step journeys for your sales reps to follow throughout the entire sales process. Our guided sales feature helps you embed best practices into your business and the kinds of systems that will make it easier for your teams to onboard clients and capture data that are both useful and reliable.

Proposal Builder

Simplify the process of issuing proposals and increase the number issued by up to 200%, by using standardized templates for your organization which can be defined and adapted as you see fit. Once you are happy with what you have produced, simply save your latest version. Any of your sales staff will be able to access and send your document if they need to.

Find more leads and opportunities

Our advertising CRM software’s in-built Lead Generator tool helps you identify which segments are underperforming, which prospects have been forgotten, and which premium positions are unsold. It is by your side 24/7 to highlight upsell opportunities, find in-market buyers, and make sure none of your precious leads have the chance to slip into obscurity.

Easy booking conversions

With Adpoint CRM, your team can convert quotes, proposals, and opportunities into ads without needing to re-key any data. Our booking conversion feature takes existing information from quotes and asks users to add any missing details before automatically generating orders and ads, respecting all pricing logic and inventory controls.

Case management functionality

CRM does not have to stop at sales. Everyone within your advertising and publishing teams can access all interactions that have taken place with your clients, so queries and disputes can be managed in a much more productive and efficient way. Cases can be created, viewed, and added to by anyone who has access to the platform.

Customizable, at-a-glance analytics

Adpoint boasts a drag-and-drop style interface with plenty of widgets to help you manage your working day in line with your systems and preferences. From budgets to sales performance data, you can set up your analytics dashboard to show you everything you need to help everyone work at their best.

An out-of-the-box media CRM that’s ready when you are

Adpoint CRM can be adapted to suit your internal business processes and connect with your existing systems. It can often be configured and ready to use within a matter of hours.

Enjoy seamless connectivity with Adpoint OMS

Adpoint CRM leverages all the data in Adpoint OMS for quicker approvals and flawless fulfillment. All the information you key into your advertising CRM software will be carried over ready for the booking phase, making everyone’s lives that little bit easier.

Get comprehensive mobile support for your field sales team

Enjoy the many benefits of an industry-leading CRM, accessed directly through a mobile app.

Wherever you are in the world, Adpoint gives you the ability to work accurately, effectively, and in your customers’ best interests.

Adpoint Go for mobile gives you access to customer information, recent activities, maps, dictation features, and more – all of which are designed to help you spot and act on opportunities faster, and prepare for your meetings with ease.

You can even launch phone calls and send emails directly from the app.



Connect Adpoint CRM with the world’s most popular desktop and web-based email applications, Outlook and Gmail. Adpoint Assistant is included in our core version of Adpoint.

Collect signatures for proposals, contracts, and invoices created using our Proposal Builder, and make doing business even easier. Available with Adpoint Plus.

Adpoint Workflow simplifies complex advertising workflows for media companies selling multi-media advertising. Available with Adpoint Plus.

Mypoint is our community’s very own social networking tool.

It allows users to follow, comment on and contribute to sales opportunities, team members, and customers, plus create their customized feed so they can stay up to date with the developments that matter the most to them.

Mypoint is included in our core version of Adpoint.

As an official Salesforce ISV partner, Lineup has developed a dedicated integration that requires no custom development. Available with Adpoint Plus.


We’ve developed a full suite of tools to eliminate the need for sales calls and make it easier for publishers to manage their requirements directly.



With Adpoint we’re able to identify market share opportunities so our employees can convert them into client relationships. It’s a totally different way of doing business for us, internally, because we can do our jobs from a single screen – the Adpoint interface."

Dennis SheelyClassified Advertising Director, Sonoma Media

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