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Say goodbye to channel-by-channel invoicing. Adpoint’s ad billing and ad revenue accounting solution can bill for orders from all media streams to reduce troublesome admin and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Supporting multiple offices and currencies, Adpoint’s highly advanced finance module facilitates flexible, simplified billing and collection practices that can be adjusted according to your media company’s unique internal processes and workflows.

Alongside its elite invoicing and Accounts Receivable functionality, our ad billing software provides intelligent GL account coding for fully coded journals that can be uploaded straight to your finance system. It also works faultlessly with Adpoint Analytics to provide your management teams with powerful insights into your organization’s financial performance.


With Adpoint, you have the option to bill by delivery stage or installments – whatever works best for your business.

The system offers the flexibility to invoice on a single- or multi-channel basis, depending on your customers’ preferences.

There’s even an automated ad billing feature to help you slash your admin times further.

Accounts Receivable function

Manage your sales process right through to cash collection with Adpoint’s integrated Accounts Receivable functionality. It’s been specifically designed to help you speed up collections and reduce bad debt ratios, which are both crucial to your financial performance.

We’ve developed a range of features to support your AR department, including approval workflows for managing prepaid bookings; tools for checking against client credit limits; flexible aging calculations; and easy-to-use statement and collection letter generation tools.

Cost tracking

Stop tracking costs vs revenue in your external systems, and instead start enjoying one single view of your revenue and its associated spending right from within Adpoint.

The cost tracking functionality within our advertising finance software allows you to enter, monitor, and review the costs associated with any ad, order, or product, without having to implement workarounds or switch between tools. You can link costs to ads or products and view order margin percentages instantly, and the system will automatically highlight instances where the actual cost is greater than the original estimate.

Revenue accounting

As a fully capable ad revenue accounting system, Adpoint Finance supports automatic or user-defined revenue recognition options, so you can adapt the rules to suit your requirements. Revenue is separated from invoicing – in fact, revenue recognition and billing can be on different timelines and the resulting accruals and deferrals can be calculated instantly. Adpoint’s intelligent coding engine ensures that the right GL code is applied automatically in each defined scenario.

Query management

Adpoint Finance’s built-in Cases functionality allows users to handle disputes from the initial query through to resolution. The platform’s Workflow capabilities can be used to direct questions to the right personnel, based on the type of dispute and the amount at stake.

Users can also choose to pause invoicing for campaigns linked to a query – a feature that helps to reduce repeat errors by tailoring ad billing processes to the customer’s needs in real-time.

Finance reporting

Our in-built analytics suite provides access to a wealth of real-time financial, business, and sales performance insight. There is a huge range of reporting options available. You can:

  • Generate aging reports
  • Report on your revenue and costs (either as summaries or at a detailed level)
  • Slice and dice revenue across multiple variables, such as products, segments, and groups; and
  • Report on revenue against targets to track progress.

Manage all your key finance data in one place

Adpoint Finance collects and shares data from all other Adpoint modules, including our world-class CRM and OMS platforms. There’s no need to re-key your business information into different software, and there are no conflicting data sources to worry about, meaning the consistency and accuracy of your data are always assured.

Tailor your experience to your own systems and processes

Adpoint’s existing finance module will allow you to bill your customers flexibly, regardless of whether you prefer to invoice according to performance or schedule-based timelines, and/or single or multi-channel product grouping rules.

Recalculate contracts instantly

Our advertising finance software is designed to reduce the manual effort involved in pricing, recalculating, billing, and reporting on contracts with changing requirements.

our self-serve payment portal

Our Pay4Media portal is a fully automated payment tool that syncs with Adpoint. It provides a single self-service hub where advertisers can easily view invoices and make payments or prepayments at their convenience, without the need to speak to publishing staff.


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