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Our advertising OMS module streamlines the modern multichannel media sell. It simplifies complex booking and delivery processes and allows you to take control of all bookings, across all media channels, from the same platform.

Faster, more efficient publisher operations will lead to happier advertisers. And we all know that a higher customer satisfaction rate equals a longer lifetime value.

Your OMS is central to keeping things running smoothly – not to mention removing stress and streamlining the role of your ad ops team. What’s different about Adpoint OMS is that it’s been built by media specialists, for media users.

Our ad operations management software offers advanced, sector-specific order management functionality to help publishers automate and optimize their sales delivery. Expect quicker approvals, seamless fulfilment, integrated workflow, and an improved customer experience from a scalable solution that can be adapted to support your changing business requirements.

System highlights include:

  • Bi-directional ad server integrations with systems such as Google Ads Manager, Smart AdServer, and Xandr. These integrations support targeting within product catalogs, inventory forecasting and reservations, and the booking and reconciliation of programmatic ads.
  • Digital audio support with a full two-way integration to the premium audio publishing platform Adswizz.
  • Multi ad patterns for easier planning and management of multimedia sales. Adpoint OMS supports digital, print, classified, and radio bookings, all within one order workflow that enables teams to collaborate quickly and easily.

Multichannel booking capabilities

Adpoint OMS provides industry-leading OMS functionality across every ad channel, including digital (and DOOH), print, events, broadcast, and outdoor advertising. It’s a true end-to-end system that accounts for every order type you might want to offer, now and in the future.

One single process for every order

From creating and sending the initial proposal to dispatching the final invoice, our ad order management solution does all the hard work for you with its series of built-in automation features, approval tools, and workflows.

Real-time ad visibility

View live inventories, enjoy automated targeting through an extensive product catalogue, and book orders quickly – all from the same place.

Easy to configure

Every aspect of Adpoint OMS can be pre-configured for a seamless user experience. You can set up, expand on, or amend everything within your advertising order management system, including your product catalog, inventory, pricing, discount rules, and approval queues.

Designed to accelerate approvals

Adpoint also takes the admin out of the checking process, intelligently collating every approval and confirming every element to ensure your team has everything they need. The system will notify the right people when approval is required for in-depth, multi-tiered discounts or inventory availability, and will automatically progress the order when this has been received. Staff can see straight away whether a deal has been approved, is pending approval, or has been rejected.

Supports digital bookings

Adpoint OMS handles booking, fulfillment, and invoicing procedures for sold and served, programmatic, and digital audio ads, making it the ideal choice for digital-focused publishers and their advertisers. We’ve also enabled integrations to various third-party ad servers, including GAM, Xandr, Taboola, and Adswizz.

Develop stronger connections between your teams

As well as taking the stress out of your day-to-day operations, our advertising OMS promotes efficiency and transparency between your teams. It empowers them to work more collaboratively; something that’s more important than ever in a more remote post-COVID world.

Diversify with ease

As advertising evolves, having the flexibility to move into new revenue streams is becoming increasingly important. Adpoint both guides and automates the selection process to make it fast and highly efficient, whichever channels you’re working with – and whichever channels you want to introduce further down the line.

Benefit from a truly system-agnostic media OMS

Acting as a central hub for all your fulfillment needs, Adpoint coordinates seamlessly with your product, planning, and delivery systems, and can be bi-directionally integrated into any ad serving or print production solution.

What’s more, all your booking and operations data will be fed into Adpoint Analytics for easy report building and sharing.


Introducing Adpoint

Less time spent on administration means more of your hours can be set aside to focus on the lifeblood of your media business: the people who buy from you! Adpoint Workflow automates entire processes from the start of the sales journey to completion.

This add-on automates redundant, manual tasks based on pre-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs), enabling media companies to process orders quickly and accurately. It’s available with Adpoint Plus, our enhanced solutions suite that offers even greater system functionality to Adpoint users.



"With Adpoint, we now have a fully integrated cross-media solution and revenue perspective throughout our operations that will reduce administration time per booking and has expanded our sales capabilities overnight."

Rich MeadGroup Operations Director, ESI Media

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