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10 Tasks You Can Automate with Adpoint Workflow

By January 9, 2020March 9th, 2022No Comments
10 Automated Tasks Jan 2019

We’re all looking to save time (and headaches) wherever possible. “Automation” is a buzzword for this very reason – and in 2020, it’s predicted to take off more than ever, relegating “commodity” tasks to computers so humans have time to tackle complex challenges. Adpoint is no exception to this trend, and Lineup’s Workflow plugin is designed to free up your team from tedious administrative tasks so you can chase revenue opportunities instead of day-to-day problems.  

What can Adpoint Workflow do for your organization? The possibilities are endless; Workflow can be customized to suit your needs and follow your policies. But to give you an idea, here are ten tasks that customers commonly automate using Adpoint Workflow:  

Automate copy chasing

Automate copy chasing, so orders never fall through the cracks. Never wonder if your “friendly reminder” email is lost in the shuffle again – Adpoint notifications will remind the correct person when you need approved copy. Keep reminders out of your calendar and rely on automation to keep your team on track! 

Perform QA & compliance checks

Quality assurance and compliance checks can run in the background based on your pre-defined criteria.  Not only does this save time, it reduces human error overall. Whether this is set up as a replacement for your human QA or an enhancement to it, Adpoint Workflow is a great tool for catching small mistakes that are easily missed by human eyes. 

Escalate case disputes automatically 

Escalate case disputes automatically instead of manually monitoring the comments. With Adpoint Workflow, cases are sent to the correct person directly, cutting customer wait times and your team’s frustration significantly. 

Keep track of material statuses

Track material statuses in real-time so you never have to manually look them up. Set up notifications for when ads are pushed to the ad server and once campaigns start delivering, and trust that they are accurate.  

Automate production & inventory approvals

Receive automatic inventory and production approvals, because Workflow can automatically approve orders based on your pre-defined rules. This helps ensure policies are followed uniformly throughout your organization, without forcing you to rely on human approvals.  

Monitor over-sells in the background 

Monitor over-sells so you can make smarter sales decisions. If your sales team consistently over-sell a certain section of your website, Adpoint Workflow will automatically send offending orders back to the planning team or sales coordinators.  

Automatically adjust order formats

Adjust order formats automatically per channel. This allows a single multi-channel, multi-ad order to be distributed to different delivery systems and collect the correct data simultaneously. For example, if you have a Google Ads campaign running, Workflow will call a form to fit. Sales reps won’t have to memorize the steps for each unique user journey if Adpoint Workflow rules are running in the background.  

Receive correct creative collection forms

Recall correct creative collection forms, so you don’t have to remember them or look them up Based on the type of advertising sold, you’ll have access to the correct creative collection form options, so you never have to worry about missing a field or gathering unnecessary data points for an order. 

Lock ads from unauthorized revisions

“Smart lock” ads from revisions, so your entire record is auditable. Set rules for your organization about who can edit an order and when, so that you can trust your records without complicated policies for your team to memorize.  

Create workflows specific to each sales journey

Customize workflow criteria per each kind of sales journey. Selling and managing large, multi-channel, months-long campaigns is very different from selling small local campaigns.  Offering the same sales profile (opportunity structure) in both situations will cause one of your sales reps to become lost in the process, because the profile will either be too simple or too complicated. Adpoint Workflow will automatically evaluate the information on the opportunity shell or customer profile and provide a different journey appropriate to the type of sell you are trying to make. 

Want to learn more about automating these tasks and more with Adpoint Workflow? Whether you’re interested in getting started or modifying your Workflow setup, we can help. Contact your account manager directly or reach our team via the website.  


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