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When you invest in a product-”for example, a technology solution or even a car-”you want to leverage its full potential. This often means you need to take a look under the hood (pun intended) to get a feel for the system.

Imagine if once a year, an expert came to your house to service your car for free. Wouldn’t it be great if while they were performing the service, the expert also explained the functions of the buttons on your car’s dashboard that you weren’t familiar with? After this appointment, not only would your car work more efficiently, but you’d also feel like you received a solid return on your initial investment. At Lineup Systems, this kind of service is exactly what we offer as part of our Best Practice Reviews for our Adpoint advertising order management customers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s essential to choose a technology vendor that is invested in your success. We’ll also walk you through the process of our best practice reviews in depth so you know what to look for the next time your Adpoint is due for service.

Why customer success matters

For your media organization to get the most out of your technology, your end users need to be educated and empowered to use each system that’s required in their daily work. Without proper technology partner support, you can quickly run into inefficiencies, change management issues, and even the risk of product adoption failure. This is why it’s critical to seek out partners that prioritize customer success, which involves anticipating your challenges and offering solutions.

“Customer success is focused on working proactively in partnership with customers throughout their time as a customer to help them get more value out of their purchase and share their feedback. It drives the customer experience forward and ensures a successful path into the future,” according to this article by HubSpot.

At Lineup Systems, our Adpoint Best Practice Review service is a core component of our commitment to customer success for publishers. This deep dive into your Adpoint media sales system helps you get clear on how you’re using Adpoint today, and provides you with advice to optimize your processes and better leverage the solution for future success. Another bonus? This service is completely free.

4 benefits of Best Practice Reviews

Whether or not you’re a current Adpoint customer, asking your tech partners about Best Practice Reviews can help you get the best bang for your buck from your software subscriptions. Here are a few key benefits of participating in Best Practice Reviews with your tech partner:

  • Have your voice heard: Reviewing your tech with your partner offers you the opportunity to voice what’s working well for you with the system and what you’re struggling with.
  • Put your end users front and center: During a Best Practice Review like the ones we conduct at Lineup Systems, your tech partner should spend time with your end users to better understand how they use your solution daily.
  • Gain industry insights: Your tech vendor should be able to share case studies from companies similar to yours, so you can learn from other customers’ experiences with the partner’s technology and gain added value.
  • Get solutions to your problems: Spend time reviewing any challenges you’re having with the technology, so your partner can address how to resolve the issues and you can agree upon a clear path forward.

How does a Best Practice Review work? 

Best practice reviews for Lineup customers involve an on-site or remote online workshop with your media organization and Lineup. Together, we’ll review how your team is using Adpoint, share case studies from our other customers, and ensure you’re getting the most out of your system. Your Client Success consultants will work with your end users to understand any challenges you may be facing and provide solutions to resolve them. 

There are two key stages to a Best Practice Review; both take approximately two hours, and you’ll leave the sessions with a better understanding of your system and improvements we can make together. 

  • Management session: Recommended for managers in finance, sales, operations, and IT, as well as department heads and Adpoint super users.
  • End users session: Workshops for groups of end users by department (finance, sales, operations, IT, etc.). In this session, we will listen to you to gather information, and end users will show our consultants their daily workflows. Listening to your end users and watching how they perform certain tasks within Adpoint often leads to opportunities to optimize their use of the solution.

After each session, Lineup’s Client Success consultants will play back a summary of the workshop to your team and deliver a report to your C-Suite including recommended best practices. We also offer a wrap-up session for end users, where we’ll present any items raised in the first session that require further investigation, as well as the benefits of addressing those items and a proposed timeline. We may also recommend follow-up training.

Get set up for success

It’s important to work with your tech partner to set key performance indicators for user adoption of your technology, best practices alignment, and using specific features of your solution. If you’d like to book a best practices review of your Adpoint system, get in touch with us today.

Mark McCartney

Mark is Lineup's Director of Quality and Best Practice, driving customer satisfaction and product adoption. His goal is to ensure our customers have all the necessary resources to drive efficiency.