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Risks of Bad CRM Data


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A sports day for Lineup’s London team

Last Friday saw the return (at last!) of the London office summer party. This year was a sports day and picnic, and luckily, we picked one of the warmest days of the year so far! The team congregated at one…

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Why Do CRMs Still Fail?

Since the first customer relationship management (CRM) software began appearing roughly 30 years ago, companies have seen numerous benefits from the technology. Used to manage every stage of an enterprise’s…

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Choosing the Right Adtech for OMS

It’s not hard to see why media organizations both big and small should be using an order management system, or OMS. Tracking the entire ad sales process with a patchwork of spreadsheets, emails…

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5 Reasons Publishers Need to Try New Tech

Whenever a new technology appears, its earliest adopters are typically just a small fraction of potential users, according to the Diffusion of Innovations. Popularized in the early ’60s by Everett Rogers…

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10 Automated Tasks Jan 2019

10 Tasks You Can Automate with Adpoint Workflow

We’re all looking to save time (and headaches) wherever possible. “Automation” is a buzzword for this very reason – and in 2020, it’s predicted to take off more than ever, relegating “commodity” tasks to…

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