5 Reasons Publishers Need to Try New Tech

Whenever a new technology appears, its earliest adopters are typically just a small fraction of potential users, according to the Diffusion of Innovations. Popularized in the early ’60s by Everett Rogers…

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Outgrown Your Homegrown Solution?

While the media industry has experienced rapid digital transformation over the past few years, many companies are still relying on homegrown technology solutions for business-critical tasks. These systems…

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How SSO Tech Benefits Publishers

Third party cookie tracking will be completely phased out from platforms like Google by the end of 2022. The shift marks a significant moment in the short history of digital marketing. This is especially true…

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Will 5G Be a Gamechanger for Media Owners?

Telecommunications technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, bringing 5G and Industry 4.0 to the doorsteps of countries around the globe. More than 130 nations plan to invest in 5G, with 5G networks…

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