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Cyber Security: Keeping One Step Ahead of Cyber criminals By Safekeeping Data and Revenue

Rob Hesmondhalgh (Host), CIO, Lineup
David Atkinson, CEO, SenseOn
Michele White, CIO, Lee Enterprises


As the digital landscape evolves, so does the sophistication of cyber threats. In this session, we explore the double-edged sword of AI - its potential to both produce advanced hacking software and offer proactive threat detection, as seen with AI-based tools like SenseOn.

We'll also discuss the inherent risks tied to popular AI services such as DeepL and GPT-based chatbots and how their usage might inadvertently expose your data. SenseOn CEO, David Atkinson and Lee Enterprises CIO Michele White will discuss current challenges and future trends while offering practical tips to navigate the complex realm of cybersecurity in the media industry.

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