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Navigating the Digital Transition: Strategies for Future-Proofing Media Businesses

Justin Cooke, Media, Education & Tech Advisor, Fortune Capital
Nat Francis, Digital Revenue Operations Director, Bauer Media Group
Heimo Krum, Deputy CIO/Head of Transformation, Funke Mediengruppe


Join us for an enlightening discussion on the ever-pivotal topic of digital strategy. This session will delve into the strategic choices media companies are making in their journey towards digital transformation. Whether adopting a 'Digital First' or a 'Digital Only' approach, these decisions have significant implications on how media companies operate, engage with their audience and sustain their business amidst rapidly evolving technological trends.

This session will bring together executives from key media companies and publications. Hear firsthand accounts of their digital transition journeys, and learn about their challenges, triumphs and the innovative strategies they use to drive their business forward in an increasingly digital world.

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