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AI & Automation in the Media Industry

AI automation in the media industry has fundamentally reshaped conventional work processes. Contrary to the fears that AI is replacing the human workforce, we argue in our AI whitepaper that it is in fact integrating with it to form wholly new ways of working.

In this blog post, we provide you with an overview of what we discuss in our whitepaper, ‘Unlocking the Potential: Artificial Intelligence in the Media Industry‘, about AI automation.

We outline how publishers can use automation to drive growth and look at a real-world example of how automation helped one media giant improve operational efficiency.

Download Lineup's whitepaper on AI in the media industry

The possibilities of AI automation

By harnessing AI automation, media companies can enhance efficiency across their entire value chain. While many fear the impact of using AI to replace human jobs, in this context, it’s actually essential.

Automation tools takeover the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that prevent employees from focusing on higher value objectives that drive the business forward. In fact, one statistic we use in the whitepaper reveals that AI technology has the power to free up 60-70% of employees’ time.

This means:

  • Employees can dedicate themselves to higher value work
  • Employees get better job satisfaction as a result
  • Companies save on resources by eliminating manual tasks
  • Processes are completed quicker and with higher accuracy

Put simply, AI for automation is the easiest way publishers can drive growth.

In the whitepaper, we explore exactly how:

  • AI algorithms analyze user data to optimize ad placement, targeting, and delivery
  • Data analytics tools provide real-time actionable insights for decision makers
  • AI automation replaces manual data entry, ensuring higher degrees of data accuracy
  • AI can automate various aspects of video editing and post-production workflows
  • AI-powered lead generation tools identify prospects and drive them to sales teams
  • Automated translation tools mean publishers reach global audiences more efficiently

Enhanced automation tools are also creating higher value roles and upskill opportunities for workers. Automation tools enable employees to acquire new skills and expertise as they collaborate with AI systems, empowering them to explore advanced roles and become proficient in managing AI-driven processes.

This forms part of our whitepaper’s discussion on human-AI collaboration and how AI technologies present a unique avenue for growth. Media professionals will have the opportunity to adapt, upskill and stay relevant in an evolving media landscape.

Real-world examples of AI automation

As you can see, AI automation tools play a pivotal role for media companies, automating mundane tasks and offering valuable insights that enhance efficiency, elevate user experiences and open doors to fresh opportunities.

We see this in the Gannett case study discussed in the whitepaper, where AI automation successfully reduced tech stack complexity, improved workflows, reduced sales admin and increased operational efficiency.  By automating workflows and key accounting functions, Gannett achieved:

  • 93% reduction in transient invoicing times
  • 99% reduction in unprocessed events for subscribers
  • 99% increase in processing speed for print ads
  • 95% improvement in classified ad save speed

How automation combats misinformations

The whitepaper also explores the power of AI automation in the context of content moderation. With 328.77 million terabytes of data getting created every day, human moderators are unable to address all of it. To effectively combat the spread of misinformation, we need innovative solutions – and that’s where AI automation steps in.

In the whitepaper, we delineate the various ways AI and automation is used to promote a reliable information ecosystem.

In summary, AI technologies are able to automate detection, fact-checking and contextual analysis in order to quickly analyze enormous volumes of data, check the accuracy of information, and resolve any suspicious patterns. This is crucial in the media industry, where the biggest asset of all is truth.

Download Lineup's whitepaper on AI in the media industry

To understand the full capabilities of AI and automation as their impact on the media industry, read our whitepaper, where we discuss all of the above in more detail.


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