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The developers at Lineup have delivered a timely bi-directional integration between our media sales software, Adpoint, and one of the world’s leading digital audio advertising solution providers, Adswizz.

The integration will benefit digital customers that sell, book, and deliver audio ad campaigns for podcasts.

By integrating Adpoint with their digital audio ad server, planning and sales will have more visibility into inventory. This will make the RFP and pitch process more efficient, as it will eliminate the need to reach out to yield to check avails and reserve inventory when an insertion order is ready to be planned.

And with the two systems being connected, this will ensure all line items are built in Adpoint, which will lead to automated reporting and accurate inventory projections.

Features include

  • A working, bidirectional integration with the Adswizz digital audio ad server
  • A dedicated online ad deal type ad booking form for customers’ audio booking, campaign management, and inventory management
  • Advanced targeting criteria, including geo-targeting, devices, data, and podcasts
  • The ability to create show bundles to up-sell and/or cross-sell advertising opportunities

The enhancement will

  • Lead to more accurate inventory forecasting and yield management for digital audio content
  • Support automated reporting of all digital audio advertising activities
  • Deliver more efficient RFP and pitch processes
  • Optimize the conversion process for increased sales

Neil Rigby, OMS Product Manager at Lineup, believes this latest development will go some way to encouraging Lineup customers to explore the full potential of digital audio advertising as a means of generating more revenue.

“Digital audio is becoming an increasingly relevant revenue stream to publishers, who continually strive to take advantage of leading tech suppliers’ expertise in this area.” he said. “Major players in the advertising space – including Google – have rapidly expanded their audio placement capabilities in recent times, which suggests that demand for audio inventory is not only growing but will likely be here to stay.”

“Thanks to this new integration to the Adswizz ad server, our customers will be able to book and manage digital audio ads more efficiently than ever before, allowing them to grow into this lucrative channel with confidence. Not only that, because the template has been made in Adpoint, other digital audio ad servers can easily be added to the ever growing stable of ad server integrations that we already support.”

“Customers will also benefit from greater visibility into their audio ad operations, meaning they will be able to identify areas that need to be improved or implemented much faster. Having a better view of sell through will help to keep these companies competitive as they continue to expand their product catalogue in this area in line with industry trends.”

The rollout coincided with Lineup’s product update release cycle for Adpoint in October 2021. Customers are encouraged to contact their dedicated Success Consultant for more information or to book a call.

About Adswizz

Adswizz effective monetization and personalization of digital audio by providing a complete suite of advertising and analytics solutions. Based in Silicon Valley and boasting a presence in 39 countries, Adswizz builds the intricate ecosystem that allows digital audio advertising transactions to flow easily between buyers and sellers.

About Lineup

Lineup Systems is the leading global provider of media sales technology. Its cloud-based system,-¯Adpoint, is the industry’s only true end-to-end sales and revenue management solution. It has been specifically designed to enable media businesses to save time, work more efficiently, and increase sales. In 2021, Lineup Systems launched Amplio, an all-in-one platform that assists customers with data consolidation, data-driven continuous marketing, subscriptions, and billing.


Lineup Systems is the world's leading provider of media sales technology, representing over 6,800 media brands globally, including Gannett/USA Today, New York Times and News Corp. Amplio is Lineup's multi- channel audience monetization solution that helps media companies realize their full reader revenue potential, using data-driven intelligence to engage, nurture and monetize readers with personalized offers that increase reader revenue and reduce churn. Adpoint is Lineup's end-to-end multi-channel media advertising sales solution that helps media companies streamline operations, make better use of data, increase efficiency and boost revenue.

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