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While your team is working from home, you may notice new challenges arise. Having fewer distractions can be helpful, but teamwork may be harder to maintain. There are lots of creative ways you can stay connected personally, but you’ll also need to develop new ways to collaborate online.  

Adpoint, the leading order management system for media companies worldwide, was built for use on-the-go, with a slick, browser-based user interface and a cloud-based infrastructure. But accessing the system from home isn’t the only benefit. Adpoint was specifically designed to increase team collaboration, and these same tools and features can improve your work-from-home experience. Here are three ways Adpoint can boost your team’s productivity and communication while they are working remotely: 

Reduce the number of emails in their inbox

With all our communication online during this period, it is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Our inboxes are packed, making it hard to keep up with priorities. And the truth is, email has always been a challenging communication method, and some thought leaders have proposed eliminating it altogether.  

That’s why we built Adpoint with features that can eliminate the need for endless email chains, including: 

  • MyPoint – this native social collaboration tool allows you to track pipeline progression, new orders, new contacts and even changes in credit status.  Real-time RSS feeds will efficiently monitor industry, customer and competitor intel.  You can distribute your ideas quickly by posting comments, news, and questions to your audience, enabling everyone to spot new sales opportunities. 
  • Robust activity management – use Adpoint’s built-in CRM to keep track of activities and tasks across your entire sales team. Keep your to-dos in one easy-to-find location, instead of cluttering your inbox.  
  • Customizable dashboards – each user can tailor their Adpoint homepage to show them exactly what they need, whether that’s a list of daily tasks, outstanding order approvals or past-due invoices. You can allow individuals to set up their dashboards, or you can set standard dashboards for each team, so you’re always on the same page (literally!). 

Standardize your workflow

With the stress of current events and a new working environment, human error is inevitable, but reducing the possibility for error is critical. This is why it is more important than ever to automate tiresome, frequently forgotten or often mistaken tasks. We’ve previously shared a list of tasks Adpoint Workflow can automate for you, but a handful of those examples are especially helpful for remote teams: 

  • Automate production & inventory approvals  – Workflow can automatically approve orders based on your pre-defined rules. This helps ensure policies are followed uniformly throughout your organization, without forcing you to rely on human approvals. Best of all, it means you’ll never have to email, Slack, Teams or Skype a co-worker reminding them to approve an order for production.  
  • Copy chasing reminders – Never wonder if your “friendly reminder” email is lost in the shuffle again – Adpoint notifications will remind the correct person when you need approved copy. Keep reminders out of your calendar and rely on automation to keep your team on track! 
  • Escalate case disputes automatically – Cases are sent to the correct person directly, cutting customer wait times and your team’s frustration.  
  • Lock ads from unauthorized revisions – “Smart lock” ads from revisions, so your entire record is auditable. Set rules for your organization about who can edit an order and when so that you can trust your records without complicated policies for your team to memorize.   

Make customer communication easier

Your customers have also been significantly affected by Covid-19, so anything you can do to make doing business easier is crucial during this time. Cutting down on the number of emails, phone calls and video chats required to close a sale is much easier with Adpoint, because you can manage every part of the process from within the system. Keeping track of these communications via Adpoint will help your team stay up to date on each account as well. 

  • Proposal Builder – Proposal Builder is a free plugin that enables you to automatically create and send proposals. Once enabled, your users will be able to export proposals as PDFs and send them directly from Adpoint. Your customers will appreciate how quickly you can prepare and send a detailed proposal! 
  • Digital Signatures – Request a secure digital signature with the click of a button via Adpoint. You’ll never have to re-key, scan documents or chase your sales team for an update. Your customers will appreciate how fast, easy and secure it is to do business with you, and they won’t have to worry about return mailing while they are working from home.  
  • eDispatch – The e-dispatch tool will allow you to create custom and professionally consistent looking emails within Adpoint for collections, confirmations, campaign alerts and other document types, enabling people to be informed and on task. No need to use another email system for customer communications!  

Learn how to use these tools and more 

To help our customers make the most of their Adpoint installation during this time, we’ve launched an exclusive webinar series featuring free tips and training for all levels of Adpoint experience. Launching April 8th, 2020, this series will help you use Adpoint better or cross-train so you can cover gaps in your team’s knowledge.  

If you’re a Lineup customer, log in to the community portal or contact your account manager to register. Not a customer yet, but would still like to join us? We’d love to have you. Simply contact us here and we’ll get you set up. 


Lineup Systems is the world's leading provider of media sales technology, representing over 6,800 media brands globally, including Gannett/USA Today, New York Times and News Corp. Amplio is Lineup's multi- channel audience monetization solution that helps media companies realize their full reader revenue potential, using data-driven intelligence to engage, nurture and monetize readers with personalized offers that increase reader revenue and reduce churn. Adpoint is Lineup's end-to-end multi-channel media advertising sales solution that helps media companies streamline operations, make better use of data, increase efficiency and boost revenue.