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The all-in-one advertising sales management solution

Adpoint is a single omnichannel sales and advertising solution for media companies that want to drive growth, faster.

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The industry’s first – and best – solution of its kind

Adpoint is, and always has been, the gold standard for software in the media sector. It’s used by some of the largest and best-known media brands on the international stage.

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What can Adpoint do for your business?

With Adpoint, you can simplify your tech and operations,
increase productivity, drive profitability and mitigate errors.

Up to


reduction in total cost of ownership – work smarter by using one solution instead of many

Improve customer satisfaction by more than


make better use of data to improve client performance

Reduce admin time by over


automate key processes, save time and become more efficient

Flex & Scale

as your business grows


revenue from pitch to order

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Streamline IT, processes & data - while driving ROI

Complex, inefficient and expensive IT systems, too much time spent on admin tasks and getting your teams working at optimum productivity are challenges faced by many media companies.

Combined, they can significantly reduce ROI, breed inefficiencies and negatively impact customer relationships – not to mention your bottom line.

By incorporating CRM, OMS, finance and analytics into one seamless solution, Adpoint manages the entire sales process therefore driving greater operational efficiencies across your entire organization.

Key features of Adpoint that drive revenue, boost efficiencies & reduce costs


Get comprehensive, media-specific tools and support, with built-in lead generation, advanced sales automation and native connectivity with OMS.

The result? Actionable intelligence that improves team performance, uncovers new opportunities, speeds up the sales process and drives sales.

  • Customizable, at-a-glance analytics
  • Guided sales journeys
  • Easy booking conversions
  • Case management functionality
  • Lead generator
  • Proposal builder


Adpoint’s fully integrated omnichannel ad order management system is designed to streamline the modern media sell. It simplifies complex booking and delivery processes and allows you to take control of all bookings across all media channels, from the same platform.

OMS highlights include bi-directional ad server integrations, digital audio support and multi ad patterns for easier planning and management.

  • Multi-channel booking capabilites
  • Real-time ad visibility
  • Designed to accelerate approvals
  • One single process for every order
  • Easy to configure
  • Supports digital bookings


The adpoint reporting and analytics suite provides a single source of truth for multichannel, multi-department media businesses and a 360-degree view of your sales, operations and finances – all in one place.

Combining information from all ad channels, you get powerful insights into customer behaviour, product performance, channel effectiveness and company finances.

  • Built in reports
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Easy dispatch
  • Tailored data visualisation
  • Create your own reports
  • Collect and share crucial data


Adpoint’s ad billing and ad revenue accounting solution can bill for orders from all media streams to reduce troublesome admin and avoid unnecessary disputes – it’s the end of channel-by-channel invoicing and the start of quicker billing, faster collections and fewer errors.

Supporting multiple offices and currencies, adpoint finance facilitates flexible, simplified billing and collection practices that can be adjusted to your company’s internal processes and workflows.

  • Accounts receivable function
  • Cost tracking
  • Query management
  • Invoicing
  • Revenue accounting
  • Finance reporting

Increase revenue with Adpoint

We asked Chris Spalding, CEO of Lineup, to tell us what he thinks is the single most important strategy for businesses to increase revenue. For him, it comes down to utilizing technology that allows salespeople to do their job better and easier.

Solution Services

Get configuration and tech services that will help you utilise the comprehensive functionality of your tailored media solution most effectively.

Lineup offers a suite of support services to help customers use Adpoint to its fullest potential. From disaster recovery programs to cloud migration, security compliance and hosting solutions, we boast one of the most comprehensive SaaS offerings out there.

Help and training
All Adpoint customers are granted free access to our Adpoint Academy, which hosts courses and workshops to help users get to grips with Adpoint’s advanced media sales functionality. Our support desk provides around-the-clock access to our experienced consultants, wherever you are in the world.

Continual development
We reinvest over 30% of our yearly revenue into our products. Our developers collaborate with our customers to produce an annual Product Roadmap that’s updated quarterly with new items and additions to Adpoint (and, of course, our other solutions). Our clients then feed back to us to propose new feature ideas, vote on priorities, and form working groups to help address specific challenges.

Our community
We’re committed to building and collaborating with a supportive network of users. We actively ask for opinions, feedback and ideas on our advertising management system via a series of tools and initiatives, including our Customer Portal, forum groups and steering committees. We also facilitate easy, effortless communication by hosting regular meetings, producing frequent webinars, and gathering information for timely newsletters.

Go further with

Existing Adpoint customers can access enhanced media sales functionality with advanced add-ons, including:

Improve synergy between departments, collect information easily and move each job into its next phase of delivery quickly using workflow to systemise and map order-to-billing processes.

Speed up digital document signage between publishers and advertisers by collecting signatures for proposals, contracts and invoices digitally.

Grow advertising operations and revenue streams by combining the power of Salesforce CRM with adpoint’s end-to-end, multichannel sales and order management functionality.

Looking for a subscription solution?

Amplio is a subscription and audience monetisation solution that helps media companies optimise funnels and improve ROI by:

  • Understanding the true value of your customer base
  • Monetising your audience
  • Managing recurring revenue
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Why choose Lineup?


We have in-depth knowledge of the media and advertising sectors and extensive software experience


Our robust technology offers both digital and print solutions

Strong long-term

93% of our clients consider our software critical to the success of their business


Almost half of our team is dedicated to innovation


Over $31 billion in advertising revenue has been billed through adpoint to date

Fully configurable

Products that are fully flexible to meet your unique requirements


partners worldwide


of staff focused on innovation


in advertising revenue billed through Adpoint