Adpoint Plus

Accomplish even more with our program of advanced sales management tools.

We’ve released a series of add-ons to provide enhanced media sales functionality to Adpoint customers.

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Adpoint Workflow simplifies complex advertising workflows for companies selling multi-media advertising. It systemizes and maps order-to-billing business processes to help you improve synergy between departments, collect information easily, and move each job into its next phase of delivery quickly.

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Collect signatures for proposals, contracts, and invoices digitally, so doing business is easy for you and your customers. This important innovation enables ​fast digital document signage between ​publishers and advertisers.

Digital Signatures Header
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Combine the power of Salesforce CRM with Adpoint’s end-to-end, multichannel sales and order management functionality. We’ve produced a ready-to-go Salesforce SaaS solution that’s been deployed successfully for many of the world’s leading media groups.

Adpoint Assistant in use

Reduce admin, reduce error and ultimately, drive more sales with Adpoint Assistant. Our intuitive Gmail connector syncs seamlessly with Adpoint, allowing your sales teams to update Adpoint CRM
directly from their inbox. This keeps the focus on selling and eliminates the need for administrative tasks.

Adpoint Assistant in use