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The Germany-based media group has entered a three-year contract with Lineup to supply 300 of its users across its UK Publishing division with a single point of entry across its print, digital and events operations. 

Bauer will soon be using Adpoint to manage all booking phases, from brief to billing – a decision which will allow management to greatly reduce the number of systems used within the business and improve ways of working across many of its core teams. 

Bauer Publishing UK approached Lineup after conducting an audit into its activities, which showed there was duplication between central admin teams and crossovers between technology. The audit also highlighted that time spent performing admin tasks was increasing, resulting in staff having fewer opportunities to find and secure new business.  

Bauer is confident that the adoption of Adpoint will allow

  • The consolidation of multiple systems to best support the sales team
  • A reduced need for manual workarounds
  • The reduced duplication of data and systems 
  • The automation of low value tasks and reduce the team’s reliance on manual data entry 
  • Optimized automation through streamlining and simplifying core business processes 
  • Improved business intelligence by creating a 360 degree view of the customer, with all account, booking and associated information available in one place 
  • The business to keep pace with new technology 

By investing in a fully integrated revenue solution, Bauer hopes to create the ability to keep up with planned new sales initiatives, including marketing services, agency order systems and creative cross-media deals.  

The company will also be using a series of add-ons via Lineup’s Adpoint Plus program to enhance the software’s core functionality further. The program includes key product integrations for seamless data feeding into existing systems, and a range of self-service portals to make it easy for Bauer’s customers to interact with their offering and view their account information 24/7.  

Susan Macdonald, VP International Sales, Lineup Systems, believes that Adpoint is perfectly positioned to deliver on all three goals for Bauer’s project: increased agility; improved collaboration between teams; and boosted revenue.   

“Adpoint is one single solution that will help Bauer overcome so many challenges,” says Macdonald. “Crucially, it will allow teams to book and manage all media channels in one place, without the need to switch between systems or rekey information multiple times into different platforms. It was clear from the audit that these practices were leading to considerable losses for Bauer, both in terms of hours spent on tasks and lost sales opportunities.” 

“We’re delighted to be able to introduce Bauer to market-leading technology that will positively transform its internal processes and enable teams to react faster to changes within the media industry. We look forward to working with Bauer to ensure all users benefit from the software in the years to come.” 

Nicky Holt, Managing Director Commercial, Publishing, Bauer Media said: “Working with Lineup and adopting Adpoint will improve our ways of working, make our processes more intuitive and hopefully make all our people’s lives easier. This in turn will give our teams more time to spend with their customers, providing clients an improved experience across all our Publishing platforms and brands.” 

About Bauer Media UK

Bauer Media UK reaches over 25 million UK consumers through a portfolio of world-class, multi-platform media and entertainment brands including heat, KISS, Grazia, Empire, Magic, Absolute Radio and the Hits Radio Network. It creates and curates entertaining media content that audiences love whenever, wherever and however they want through a multi-channel strategy and a focus on product excellence and audience insight.  The result is an exciting array of influential brands, content and talent which provide compelling and engaging advertising opportunities with valuable audiences for UK commercial partners.  Bauer Media UK is part of the Bauer Media Group, one of the world’s largest privately owned media businesses with media assets all over the globe.

About Lineup

Lineup Systems is the leading global provider of media sales technology. Its cloud-based system,-¯Adpoint, is the industry’s only true end-to-end sales and revenue management solution. It has been specifically designed to enable media businesses to save time, work more efficiently, and increase sales. In 2021, Lineup Systems launched Amplio, an all-in-one platform that assists customers with data consolidation, data-driven continuous marketing, subscriptions, and billing.


Lineup Systems is the world's leading provider of media sales technology, representing over 6,800 media brands globally, including Gannett/USA Today, New York Times and News Corp. Amplio is Lineup's multi- channel audience monetization solution that helps media companies realize their full reader revenue potential, using data-driven intelligence to engage, nurture and monetize readers with personalized offers that increase reader revenue and reduce churn. Adpoint is Lineup's end-to-end multi-channel media advertising sales solution that helps media companies streamline operations, make better use of data, increase efficiency and boost revenue.