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If you’re an adaptable, highly driven individual who is waiting for the chance to make waves in the media and advertising sector, we want to hear from you.

We recognize good work. We celebrate success. And we’re at the forefront of change, meaning our employees are always provided with ample opportunities for growth and development.

We do not currently have any opportunities, but are always looking for talented, driven individuals to join our global team. Contact us or submit your CV below.

What it's like at Lineup?

“The team that I work with are highly intelligent and motivated people. It can be very demanding at times but worth it.”

“The quality of the people in Lineup is amazing, and they create a positive, supportive, working environment. Lineup is still small enough that your voice is always heard and your ideas are listened to.”

“Great team, strong leadership who are prepared to join in. Ideas are listened to, you have to have a positive “can do” approach which suits me and a fantastic product.”

“I’ve had excellent experiences with nearly everyone on the Lineup team. The camaraderie is genuine and that makes Lineup a rewarding place to work.”

How we work

Our number one priority is our customers’ happiness

Satisfied customers are our end goal. Every decision we make is based on what’s going to be best for them.

We give open and honest feedback

Blame is destructive, but honesty and constructive criticism help us improve. We give and accept feedback freely and without judgment.

We value each other’s knowledge, expertise, and opinions

We have access to incredible talent here at Lineup, and we take every opportunity we can to learn from the people around us.

We take action!

Acting fast is what keeps us ahead of our competition. We make quick and confident decisions to ensure we’re always moving forwards.

We focus on solutions, not problems

Thinking too much about what’s gone wrong will benefit no one. We’re here to fix problems and find better ways forward.

Want more information?

Contact Lineup’s recruitment team today to discuss our current opportunities in more detail. If we don’t have any open roles, feel free to send us your CV – we’re always looking for great people.

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