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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use your systems?

Our systems are designed for use by three primary groups: agencies, publishers, and their customers (via our Self-Service suite of tools). They are designed to simplify the media sell across all channels and all departments, reducing operational complexity and giving media companies much-needed agility in an industry that’s ever-changing.

Do your systems cater for all media channels?

Yes. Our flagship software, Adpoint, has been developed with multichannel capabilities to ensure our clients can manage their orders and workflows from one end-to-end application. To account for any and every order you might want to offer and place, our order management module supports digital, DOOH, print, events, broadcasting, and outdoor advertising.

Who do you work with?

Our products can be adapted and configured to suit media companies anywhere in the world. We have great relationships with some of the media industry’s biggest organizations, including Singapore Press Holdings, ESI Media, Vocento, Hearst Magazines, Gannett, and Time Out, to name just a few. Read more about our customers here.

How are your systems deployed?

Depending on your requirements, our products are fully customizable to suit your existing processes and additional solutions are available if you have specific or more complex needs. We’ll work with you to ensure that your software fits seamlessly into your existing systems and processes from launch. Learn more about Lineup’s Implementation process.

Will you teach our teams how to use your systems?

Yes. We will train your technical teams and Super Users, who will then adopt a “train the trainer” approach to deliver in-house training to end-users that reflects your business processes.

For Adpoint specifically, we offer a series of e-learning courses via our dedicated training suite, Adpoint Academy. These pre-recorded seminars, which can only be accessed by our customers, help our users explore the software’s capabilities in more detail. We can also provide bespoke training, either online or at your premises. More information on our training options can be found on our Support page.

What integrations are available?

We have partnered with every major publishing system – including Salesforce, Google Ad Manager, and Office 365 – to ensure our solutions fit seamlessly into your existing ecosystem. We also release new integrations as part of our regular product updates. You can view a full list of our integrations here.

Why choose Lineup?


We have in-depth knowledge of the media and advertising sectors and extensive software experience


Our robust technology offers both digital and print solutions

Strong long-term

93% of our clients consider our software critical to the success of their business


Almost half of our team is dedicated to innovation


Over $31 billion in advertising revenue has been billed through adpoint to date

Fully configurable

Products that are fully flexible to meet your unique requirements