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Our development team has launched an API-based integration with cloud-based CRM and marketing automation system HubSpot to help our customers fully utilize their sales, marketing, and contact data.

The new feature will ensure all contact and activity information is shared seamlessly between the two platforms.

Once a contact has been validated in HubSpot, data relating to the entry, including contact details and information on calls, meetings, emails, and Tasks, will be synchronized to and from Adpoint in real-time.

As a result, sales teams will be able to enjoy a 360-degree view of all the marketing interactions taking place on their accounts, without leaving the software.

This will lead to improved customer relationships and enhanced service delivery, not to mention better quality data, as information will not need to be re-entered into the two systems manually – an issue which often leads to data inaccuracies and sales forecasting errors.

At an organizational level, the update will also increase data for tools such as Lead Generator, which provides vital insights into pipeline activity for reporting purposes.

As Nita Watkins, Lineup’s CRM Product Manager explained, Adpoint’s bi-directional HubSpot integration has been in the works for some time.

“As a company, we have always supported marketing system integrations and have already built a series of connections to third party tools to make our users’ lives easier,” she said.

“We originally began experimenting with the idea of getting Adpoint to ‘talk’ to HubSpot for the benefit of our own sales and marketing staff. We were keen to bring our own teams closer together for faster, easier collaborations, and we wanted to de-silo departments to improve not only our own operations, but our customers’ experience of our business, too.

“The integration was initially launched internally, but as HubSpot is such a widely used CRM, we soon realized there was a high demand for this functionality amongst our client base. Now that it’s been launched, we expect take-up to be high.”

Lineup’s developers have worked hard to ensure the feature is quick to set up and easy to install.

“What’s slightly different about this integration is, it’s very much an ‘out of the box’ solution,” Nita added. “Once it’s been installed, no special configuration should be required, and the client should be able to start synching between Adpoint and HubSpot almost immediately, without the need to contact HubSpot’s Help Center or pay for additional development time. There will of course be instances where data matching needs to be carried out because the client is already using both systems; in these cases, we will factor this work in to the project.”

Existing Adpoint customers are encouraged to speak to their Success Consultants for more information on how to set up their HubSpot integration.


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