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We’re here to help you get the most from our world-leading products.

Lineup offers robust implementation services to ensure fast, fuss-free transitions and the secure and timely management of your data throughout the life of your project.


Fast implementation relies on well-coordinated collaboration and clear communication. Our team will take the time to understand your needs before assigning responsibilities, establishing expectations, and setting timelines – all whilst ensuring we have access to the right people in the right roles to facilitate a smooth path to completion. By working together from the start of the implementation, our goal is to put control of your system into your team’s hands.


Lineup operates one central deployment team with reach across many global locations. We also provide support during implementation in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish.

Once we’ve established the final scope of works, you will attend weekly project meetings with your dedicated Customer Project Team to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of how information flows between your existing tools; which integrations you require for seamless interactivity; and how we can ensure our systems are configured in line with your bespoke business requirements.

Final Stages

We will produce regular dev releases for testing. Once you have approved the system, we will provide full releases for deployment, and configure the software and all its components as per the brief. We are happy to liaise with third party providers throughout the delivery process, where necessary.

This deployment and implementation was so well planned and executed that the business will set this example as a benchmark for future projects.

Compared to our previous system, Adpoint provides a huge amount of extra features, but the implementation went even smoother and quicker.

We all needed to adjust to the remote circumstances - while this was also more complicated as it collided with the busiest business period of the year - but we got live without huge issues.


Deployment is only one aspect of the system setup and integration process. To make the most of our solutions, your teams need to know how to work them! Within our training suite, Adpoint Academy, we offer effective training programs that provide our clients with the perfect foundation for getting the best use and value from our flagship software.

Learning courses are available for those who are new to everything Adpoint can offer. These pre-recorded seminars – which are free of charge to Adpoint customers – cover a range of topics across all modules. They are designed to help beginners explore Adpoint’s core capabilities in more detail and learn how to use our systems to support their wider business goals.

Every Adpoint customer will be provided with basic run-throughs and demos, but these courses enable staff to improve their knowledge at their own pace.

New courses are released regularly, in line with the latest system updates.

We can also provide bespoke training, delivered either online or in-person at your premises. These sessions can be tailored to meet the distinct requirements of your team and are ideal in situations where your staff’s usage of Adpoint has changed, or you’re looking to improve their knowledge of what’s available.

All our training options are comprised of technical, super-user, and end-user components, so we've got everyone's needs covered.

Technical Users

This provides your technical teams with the knowledge needed to operate the system on a day-to-day basis. It’s delivered as a knowledge transfer during the implementation phase of the project. Your technical staff will work closely with Lineup’s project team while carrying out real-time configuration and maintenance.

Super Users

Once your Adpoint system has been configured, we’ll run hands-on training sessions for super users to allow them to verify the configuration and workflows and start testing your system.

End Users

Our ‘train the trainer’ approach enables your in-house trainers or super users to conduct end-user training that reflects your business processes.


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