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Your sales team plays a critical role in your media company’s success. And Lineup’s Adpoint CRM enables your team to efficiently handle the multitude of sales tasks they’re juggling daily. Designed specifically with media companies in mind, our CRM helps your team boost sales and uncover new opportunities, all while speeding up the sales process. Now, you can reap the benefits of automation with Lineup Systems’ latest CRM enhancement. 

The upcoming launch of Adpoint CRM’s new Intelligent Lead Automation feature means you can better leverage the capabilities of Lead Generator and Contact Manager, our CRM sales intelligence tools. In this article, we explore what Intelligent Lead Automation can do for your sales, and how you and your team can benefit from automating some of the more tedious but necessary tasks in the media sales process. 

Drive your sales with actionable intelligence  

With Adpoint CRM, you get a best-in-class CRM platform that delivers the tools your sales team needs to perform at an optimal level. This leading technology delivers the media-specific functionality required to drive the sales necessary for your company’s growth. 

In addition to the Contact Manager tool that places the customer data your team needs right at their fingertips, Adpoint CRM comes with a built-in Lead Generator. The Lead Generator helps your team identify:

  • Underperforming lead segments

  • Forgotten prospects
  • Opportunities to expand your customer’s default spending habits

With the Lead Generator tool by your side, your leads will be less likely to slip out of range and into obscurity. And with key performance and conversion data always visible via the platform’s dashboard, your sales team has access to the sales intelligence they need to efficiently close deals and meet their targets.

Automate Adpoint CRM’s sales intelligence tools

At Lineup, we’re not content to rest on our laurels with each product release. Our focus is always on continuous innovation. To that end, we’ve developed a new tool that allows our CRM users to automate and schedule sales intelligence features. This means your CRM and sales approaches remain agile and current in our fast-paced media world. 

Why automate? Sales and lead automation is a win-win situation. “Customers will benefit from faster turnaround,” says McKinsey & Company’s report on sales automation. “Companies will benefit from higher sales-force productivity. And sales reps will experience greater job satisfaction because automation lets them focus on what they love: delivering value to customers.” 

But while more than 30% of all sales tasks can be easily automated, the report also found that automation of sales lags behind the automation of other business functions, such as IT and customer service.

Adpoint CRM’s new lead automation capability means your media company won’t be part of the crowd that’s lagging behind. Our Intelligent Lead Automation feature enables you to automate tasks related to the sales intelligence that the Lead Generator and Contact Manager CRM tools pull in. 

With our Intelligence Lead Automation, you can automatically identify accounts that are prime contact opportunities. You can also define and automate the actions you want to occur once the tool identifies these accounts. This lead automation supports your sales tactics and places client contact opportunities in front of your sales team at just the right time. 

Leverage the benefits of lead automation

With Adpoint CRM’s Intelligent Lead Automation feature, you and your sales team can:

  • Identify customer contact opportunities. By automating the identification of prime contact opportunities, your sales team can focus on the activities or calls that will help move these accounts through the sales funnel. 

  • Run sales tasks consistently. Because you’re automating the processes, they’ll run regularly, and on a timely basis. This means you don’t have to rely on a member of your sales team to find the time to run these tasks manually.
  • Reduce administrative overhead. Instead of manually running routine tasks, your sales team can set up automated tasks for their desired sales tactics, and leave these processes to run on their own without the need for further intervention.

Automating sales tasks frees up your team’s time by taking care of the low value-added tasks that are currently on their plate. The results?

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved customer service

  • Greater customer retention

  • Better lead nurturing

“Our sales intelligence tools are a fundamental pillar of Lineup’s approach to CRM. The automation of these tools makes it even easier to put timely, actionable intelligence right in front of your sales team,” says Nita Watkins, Product Manager (CRM) at Lineup. 

Help your sales team meet their targets, and stop leaving money on the table. To learn more about Intelligent Lead Automation, contact your Customer Success Manager, or book a call with our team today.

Nita Watkins

Nita has been with Lineup since 2012, and in the media industry for 14 years total. Her career in media began at News UK, where she worked closely with teams across the advertising business. Outside of work, Nita can be found drawing, painting, and experimenting in the kitchen.