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Self-Service Suite

Benefit from greater control over your company’s processes.

Lineup’s Self-Service Suite empowers our customers to do great deals on their terms.

Eliminating the need for sales calls, manual inventory checks, and other time-consuming tasks, these tools make it easy for publishers to manage their requirements directly, without liaising with advertising staff.

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Save time. Sell more. Ad2order allows advertisers to book a publisher’s print and digital inventory directly via a user-friendly web portal that’s fully integrated with their wider Adpoint system. It’s the most complete self-service portal on the market – and it supports print, display, and classified ads, with digital and events capabilities coming soon.

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eTear4Media gives advertisers access to voucher verification information from one single hub. The solution supports the automation of tearsheet delivery workflows, leading to speedier payments and faster sales closures. If taken in conjunction with Pay4Media, users are also able to make payments within the tool.

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Our Pay4Media portal is a fully automated payment tool that enables advertisers to view invoices, find order confirmations and make or schedule payments at their convenience. If taken in conjunction with eTear4Media, advertisers are also able to see voucher verification for advertisements within the same platform.

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