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Last Friday saw the return (at last!) of the London office summer party. This year was a sports day and picnic, and luckily, we picked one of the warmest days of the year so far! The team congregated at one of the sports pitches in Hyde Park, right by the picturesque Serpentine, and geared up to compete.  
We were divided into 4 teams by our chief sports day organizers (Martha, Kristian, & Sarah). We had a series of races including the classic egg and spoon race, three-legged race, skipping, balance, and relay race, and finished up with a tug of war. Sometimes it’s nice for adults to play in the sunshine too! Following the energetic activities, everyone sat down to enjoy a picnic in the shade and a few well-earned drinks – we’re all looking forward to the next one.

Sack races sometimes end with faces in the dirt, but here Daniel Stennett (r) is levitating! Mark McCartney (center) won this heat for their team. 

CEO Chris Spalding is a big fan of our team days: “These days are so important because it gives us a whole day as a team of personal interaction that’s purely social. The ability to connect like that for a day was really missed during the Covid lockdowns, and it’s such a vital part of our company culture – I’m thrilled they’re back and can’t wait for the next event!” 
“I flew from our Colorado office to the London one for business meetings this week and got the added bonus of a sunny Sports Day with colleagues! I think every business trip should have this kind of fun!” – Neda Bjorner

Competitive spirits were high even in the scorching sun! In this tough competition, everyone was a winner in the end, according to our referee Kristian Allison

“I volunteered to help stage this year’s event, as, before the pandemic, the summer’s day in the park had previously been one of the company’s most enjoyed and talked about activities, and I was determined to make its return even better. Though logistically more challenging with everyone working remotely, judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces and many staying well past the end, I think it was a success! 

My personal highlight was being able to spray everyone with water under the guise of keeping them cool.” – Kristian Allison 

Mark McCartney and Chris Spalding really embraced the teamwork necessary for a three-legged race

“Sports Day – always a great opportunity to bond with my colleagues, have a few drinks, and share many laughs!” – Nicola Cheetham 

A successful and fun day all around
Sarah Haydon

As Lineup's head of HR, Sarah leads our initiatives on wellbeing and mental health, as well as team-building days and charity partnerships.