¿Se puede automatizar? Evalúe sus tareas pendientes con esta lista de comprobación

Looking to save time, but not sure if a task on your “to-do” list could be automated?  Adpoint’s Workflow plugin is designed to cut down on tedious data entry, back-and-forth communication, and confusing approval processes. We’ve already shared a list of 10 tasks Workflow can automate, but the truth is, the sky is the limit when it comes to Adpoint automation.  

The typical Workflow user saves two hours per day. So, grab your to-do list, because if any of your tasks meet one or more of these criteria, we can help you scratch them off with the power of automation!   

1. The task is frequently repeated  

These tasks are the most likely candidates for automation, because repeatable tasks often follow the same process and rules. Common examples include or sending a proposal template automatically to a user.   

2. The task is measurable 

If completion is reliant on a deadline or specific (measurable) deliverables, chances are it can be automated. If a task takes place after a specific action or trigger, you can define next steps to run in the background. Triggers can be defined based on these criteria to suit your needs.  

3. Completing the task requires a specific set of rules to be followed  

If there’s a detailed process document lurking somewhere, or a complicated QA process your employees have been trying to memorize, chances are those rules can be converted into an automated process.  

4. The task pertains to a specific person’s job, role or function

This most commonly applies to approval workflows. Instead of remembering who to email at which stage, Workflow can automatically progress an order for review or approve items automatically based on pre-set criteria.   

Gone are the days of copying-and-pasting order details from your order management system into Google Ad Manager! Adpoint integrates with dozens of the most popular media systems, so you only have to input information once. How’s that for time savings?  

What can’t Workflow automate?  

Simply put, if a human brain is required, you’ll have to do it yourself. For example, Workflow can automatically approve orders that match all of your criteria, but if a special discount is applied or an order is input incorrectly, a human manager will still have to review and approve. Automation can’t do your job for you (good thing, too!), but it can cut out the clutter and free up you and your team for creative thinking and problem-solving.  

Got a question about Adpoint Workflow or automating advertising sales in general? We’d love to help. Contact your account manager or drop us a note, and we’ll get you an expert answer as soon as possible.  



Lineup Systems es el principal proveedor mundial de tecnología de ventas de medios de comunicación. Su sistema basado en la nube, Adpoint, es la única solución integral de gestión de ventas e ingresos del sector. Se ha diseñado específicamente para que las empresas de medios de comunicación ahorren tiempo, trabajen de forma más eficiente y aumenten las ventas. En 2021, Lineup Systems lanzó Amplio, una plataforma "todo en uno" que ayuda a los clientes a consolidar los datos, el marketing continuo basado en datos, las suscripciones y la facturación.


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