Pourquoi avons-nous créé Amplio ?



It has been six months since Lineup’s Amplio subscription management platform arrived on the media market with the aim of helping publishers quickly increase subscription revenue. In this article, we’ll explore why we created Amplio and how insightful conversations with publishers informed the design of this revolutionary product.

Listening to the market’s needs

Our team at Lineup has long been closely engaged with publishers through its Adpoint media sales platform, which enables organizations to maximize their advertising revenue. Over the years and through countless conversations with customers, Lineup saw firsthand the challenges publishers were facing when it came to launching successful subscription models.

Tight on time and resources, media organizations were struggling to understand their audiences in a way that would enable them to react quickly to data, optimize the subscription experience, and as a result, grow revenue. Their existing subscription technology did not support these efforts, and instead focused on reactive activities once a subscription had been sold. The existing approach to subscriptions tended toward selling, monitoring, then preventing churn if possible—although this final step often happened too late in the game.

In addition, the high cost of customizing legacy systems meant that publishers often opted not to do so, and remained mired in clunky organizational infrastructure and disparate data. This caused business growth to stagnate or feel out of reach entirely. In our research for the report Combined Revenue Models Gaining Traction in Media Industry (which helped inform our Amplio product), we found that less than 40% of media organizations were “very or extremely focused” on increasing their subscription revenue.

Enabling publishers to better understand their audiences

Lineup wanted to build a subscription management platform that would allow publishers to understand their potential customers’ needs and value as early in the subscriber journey as possible. We knew that this kind of insight would empower publishers to create offerings that aligned more closely with customers’ needs and desires. As a result, media organizations would have the opportunity to monetize each subscriber effectively by reinforcing value, reducing churn, or creating further revenue opportunities.

With Amplio, publishers have the ability to shift away from a one-size-fits-all subscription strategy and create hyper-personalized products for customers. They also have the flexibility to adapt their offerings on the fly, leveraging tried and true e-commerce tactics such as discounts and urgency. This is all possible thanks to the unified customer data repository and robust functionality that Amplio provides.

In addition, Amplio enables media organizations to develop a predictable cost structure for their subscription models, and conduct detailed ROI analyses to gain insight into the financial health of this revenue stream. By tapping into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring revenue right down to the individual customer level, publishers can quickly see which of their subscription offerings are performing well and where opportunities for improvement exist to reduce or help avoid customer churn.

Testing and iteration are key components of a successful subscription strategy. With Amplio, media organizations can test multiple packages to see which convert best with specific audience segments or individual subscribers. The best part? No technical expertise is needed.

Monetize your audience

With Amplio, your media organization will have the ability to create subscription products in a few simple clicks. You’ll also have full visibility into your customer journeys and revenue, with a strong, flexible system behind you to bolster your subscription strategy. Explore what Amplio can do for your company.



Lineup Systems est le premier fournisseur mondial de technologies de vente de médias. Son système basé sur le cloud, Adpoint, est la seule véritable solution de gestion des ventes et des revenus de bout en bout du secteur. Il a été spécifiquement conçu pour permettre aux entreprises médiatiques de gagner du temps, de travailler plus efficacement et d'augmenter leurs ventes. En 2021, Lineup Systems a lancé Amplio, une plateforme tout-en-un qui aide les clients à consolider leurs données, à faire du marketing continu basé sur les données, à s'abonner et à facturer.


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