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Frequence Partners with Lineup to Integrate Media Sales, Operations and Billing

By November 10, 2022No Comments
Frequence Partnership

Frequence, a leader in advertising sales automation and workflow software, announced today a partnership with media solutions provider Lineup Systems to help streamline sales, automation, and billing processes across the two platforms and provide increased efficiency for media businesses.

The partnership will integrate Lineup’s Adpoint software – an all-in-one ad revenue management solution – with Frequence’s technology, which automates media planning, proposals, and execution across online and offline channels.

“This partnership will improve the salesperson experience by providing a seamless flow of information in the background,” said Susan Macdonald, Lineup CRO. “Frequence will automatically suggest the best products based on budget, goals and needs while Lineup will manage and complete the end-to-end sales process.”

The integration between Lineup and Frequence results in fewer errors transferring data between platforms. Instead of manually exporting data from one system and then uploading or rekeying that same data into the other, this integration will allow salespeople to pass proposal and order information easily between the two via their APIs. 

“With our new partnership, advertiser data will be fully integrated so the sales executive doesn’t have to undertake the excessive and time-consuming burden of manual data transfer, saving time and resources,” said Oliver Jacob, President of Frequence. “This is especially important given the current economic environment, where  it’s more important than ever to maximize efficiencies across all systems.”

About Frequence

Frequence is the leading provider of software for media companies to automate and grow their local advertising sales. Through its full-stack workflow and campaign management software, Frequence provides the necessary tools to launch, manage and optimize omnichannel campaigns. From sales intelligence to measurement and analytic tools – all integrated within a platform that creates personalized, multi-channel media proposals with campaign insights – Frequence users have a complete end-to-end solution.

In an industry overwhelmed by point solutions, especially among media companies and buyers, Frequence has developed the first, comprehensive platform that empowers users with state-of-the-art technology while optimizing person-to-person relationships. Leveraging an advanced framework and AI, Frequence makes selling local advertising scalable and profitable.

About Lineup

Lineup Systems is the world’s leading provider of media sales technology, representing over 6,800 media brands globally, including Gannett, New York Times and News Corp. Amplio is Lineup’s multi-channel audience monetization solution that helps media companies realize their full reader revenue potential, using data-driven intelligence to engage, nurture and monetize readers with personalized offers that increase reader revenue and reduce churn. Adpoint is Lineup’s end-to-end multi-channel media advertising sales solution that helps media companies streamline operations, make better use of data, increase efficiency and boost revenue. For more information, visit or connect on LinkedIn.


Lineup Systems is the leading global provider of media sales technology. Its cloud-based system, Adpoint, is the industry’s only true end-to-end sales and revenue management solution. It has been specifically designed to enable media businesses to save time, work more efficiently, and increase sales. In 2021, Lineup Systems launched Amplio, an all-in-one platform that assists customers with data consolidation, data-driven continuous marketing, subscriptions, and billing.