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Ransomware protection
for media companies

As a media company, you already know how important it is to safeguard data against corruption and loss. Lineup provides immutable storage solutions that keep your records 100% safe – even when all other security measures fail.

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How we protect
your data

Immutable storage technology prohibits data from being deleted or edited. This restriction is placed directly on the data and applies to anyone who tries to change it, whether that’s a system administrator, storage vendor or cyber attacker. No one is able to alter the data; it is frozen and locked.

This reduces the risk of a cyber-attack and is a way of preventing ransomware, a form of malware that holds a victim’s data hostage.

Is your data protected
from worst-case scenarios?

You may have multilayered safety measures in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data – but what do you do when every line of security fails? Are you prepared for a worst-case scenario, like a ransomware attack?

As many as 30,000 websites are hacked every day and in 2021, the number of ransomware attacks grew by 92.7%. There’s no way of knowing when your business could be one of them. As a media company, ensuring your records are protected against threats like these is a key priority.

Immutable storage technology protects your data in the worst-case scenarios. Even when all lines of defence fail, you can rest assured that your data will remain secure and intact with Lineup’s immutable storage solution.

Improving cybersecurity with cloud technologies

In this short clip, Chris McCall from Bauer Systems talks about the importance of investing in cloud technologies for enhanced cyber security.

How DPG Media
stay cyber secure

Maarten Witteman from DPG Media, talks to us about how Lineup has helped the company fulfil all their compliance needs when it comes to storing data.

Technology to protect your data

Lineup’s immutable storage is an extra line of cost-effective, easy-to-implement defence that uses the latest and most sophisticated cyber security technology.
Adding our immutable storage solution to your Lineup package is very straightforward and won’t affect system performance.
This technology:

  • Ensures your immutable backup data cannot be deleted or edited, even if your main system and backup location have been compromised
  • Creates backups in a separate repository system
  • Replaces these backups every four weeks with new ones

“In addition to Lineup’s three levels of disaster recovery, this new service gives clients additional peace of mind and the best defense against ransomware attacks.”

Darsh Loganathan
Head of CRM and Commercial
Systems, ESI Media

Adpoint's technology simplifies advertising sales and management - automating previously labor-intensive tasks, speeding up the entire order process with more efficient delivery, and providing sales with new tools and greater mobility.

Thomas KordsDirector, Strategic Projects, Admeira Group

Adpoint provides us with an opportunity to consolidate our technology stack and gain efficiency by having our sales process from end-to-end all in one system. This solution will improve the speed-to-market for our sales team and drive growth.

Jane HowardHead of Sales Operations and Support

For the first time, we have instant and easily-accessible intelligence on performance and revenue, and management are able to monitor the performance of each department, and of each campaign. We don't have to rely on 'gut feeling'. This intelligence can now inform our strategy, and we expect a knock-on effect on our efficiency and bottom line.

Shez ShafiqChief Operating Officer

The partnership with Lineup has been transformative for us, freeing up so much time and significantly reducing our operational complexity. The agility the Lineup platform provides for the future is a real game-changer for Gannett.

Rick BakerVP/Technology, Commerce Solutions

With so many media clients, Lineup has a great understanding of how companies like us operate, market and sell. So Amplio is purpose built for media organizations like us.

Andrew ClurmanCEO

Discover how you can increase revenue, reduce your tech costs and help your salespeople become more efficient

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Why media businesses need immutable storage solutions

The reason why media companies need immutable storage is simple: the nature of immutable storage technology means that your data is accurate, safe and backed up.

In turn, you can be confident that you’re more secure from cyber-attacks and that you’re compliant with any data rules and regulations.

Additionally, your customers will be safe in the knowledge that any data they have stored with you is protected.

The human element
of cybersecurity

With ever-increasing threats by cyber criminals to disrupt organizations large and small, Lineup’s newest security offering ensures an additional layer of protection to critical system backups. This restricted access is placed directly on the data, preventing any person or process from altering it.

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