Pulitzer Prize Winning Media Company Chooses Lineup Systems to Achieve Streamlined Sales

Lineup announces partnership with Sonoma Media Investments (SMI)

Lineup announces partnership with Sonoma Media Investments (SMI)

Lineup Systems is pleased to announce that award-winning publishing group Sonoma Media Investments (SMI) has chosen Adpoint to pilot their advertising operations. SMI will be using the Adpoint system to streamline ad operations and integrate segments of their sales cycle that were previously separate or siloed.

10 Digital Advertising Trends to Look for in 2019

Digital Advertising Trends

Every year, advertisers predict the hottest trends that will dominate the industry in the months to come. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s no wonder that many tools once thought to be science fiction are now reality.

In a world where augmented reality, artificial intelligence and incredibly fast speeds are now the norm, it is more important than ever to keep up to date. We put our ears to the ground to find out what the biggest names in the digital space predicted for 2019 and pulled the biggest trends together in one report.

In ’10 Digital Advertising Trends to Look for in 2019,’ you’ll learn why advertisers are no longer interested in ad space, major upsides of GDPR that you haven’t thought of yet, the reason subscription publications won’t abandon advertising, and so much more.

Take ten minutes to get up to speed for 2019 with this free report.

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How to increase your sales revenue through best-of-breed CRM technology

CRM email image EN 181210

Most CRM solutions help you plan campaigns, manage your leads and log orders, however the best CRM solutions help you do so much more. From spotting trends, to discovering new opportunities, Adpoint CRM is designed to boost sales on multiple levels, while optimising processesimproving sales team performance and serving up sales intelligence that directly impacts ROI. All delivered out of the box and with the needs and wants of media businesses in mind.

Adpoint e-Connect: e-dispatch made easy

Adpoint e-Connect news

Lineup Systems has launched Adpoint e-Connect, an easy-to-use e-dispatch solution for Adpoint customers designed specifically to take the hassle out of issuing important customer documents, such as order confirmations, invoices and credit notes.

The Spectator fast-tracks its advertising sales transformation

lead image11X

Established in 1828, and now owned by Press Holdings, The Spectator publishes what is still hailed as “the most influential weekly in the English language” in print and online. The British publisher has expanded extensively in recent years, successfully branching into lifestyle, educational and financial supplements, events and the visual arts, with its highly-regarded Apollo magazine. Similar to many modern multichannel media companies, its legacy, disparate technology was, however, proving a hindrance rather than a help.

Singapore Press Holdings chooses Lineup Systems to take its digital advertising sales management to the next level

Asia’s leading media group to integrate Lineup’s Adpoint end-to-end advertising solution with Salesforce CRM and Google DFP to identify, target and close sales opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Lineup Systems today announced that Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), the leading media organisation in Asia, will implement Adpoint’s end-to-end advertising management solution across the company’s digital sales operations to improve commercial opportunity and introduce advertising best practice

Shortening the advertising sales cycle

Sales people bogged down by administration. Systems that don’t talk to each other. Client information that’s hard to get and analyze. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many of today’s media companies are facing these and other challenges – and are losing time and money as a result. In every single case, their tech is holding them back. With the right kind of automation, the advertising sales cycle can be dramatically shortened. By automating and optimizing workflows, Adpoint by Lineup Systems helps you navigate the advertising sales cycle more quickly and efficiently, from prospect and lead management, through offers and opportunities, to closed deals and referrals.

Metro US takes flight

Metro US

The fourth largest daily newspaper in the US pilots its business with Adpoint by Lineup Systems

There’s no doubt about it. The way we consume news and entertainment has radically changed over the past decade, creating both challenges and opportunities for media companies of all shapes and sizes.

According to Wilf Maunoir, Marketing & Research Director at Metro US, a free daily newspaper published in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, the structure of the advertising market has changed dramatically, “not so much with the expansion of the Internet, but more really with the introduction of smartphones.”

Pew Research indicates that 77 percent of Americans now own smartphones and with Wi-Fi readily accessible in a vast majority of public spaces, more people are consuming their news on the go and have more options to do so than ever before.

Lineup Systems Launches Adpoint App Market

Adpoint App Market Gives Customers Access to More than 50 of Adpoint’s Pre-Built Integrations to Publishing Applications

Broomfield, Colo., May 15, 2018 - Lineup Systems, the leading media sales technology provider, has launched the Adpoint App Market to provide media customers with an online app directory of publishing solutions that have been integrated into Adpoint, its media sales solution. The new marketplace enables Lineup’s customers to easily browse more than 50 of Adpoint’s pre-built integrations to publishing applications being used by its customers worldwide.


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