NDC mediagroep Goes Live with Pioneering Implementation of Lineup Systems’ AdPoint

Lineup Systems’ web based advertising sales and management system AdPoint has successfully launched at leading Netherlands based publisher NDC mediagroep.

The new AdPoint advertising system streamlines operations and reduces costs through automation of the entire billing process and integration with NDC’s third-party systems. AdPoint’s combined Booking, CRM and Finance modules allow NDC’s sales teams to book advertising placements across digital, print display and classified formats with a single multi-channel order transaction.

Lineup collaborates with ppi Media for Metro deployment

Lineup Systems’ agile 100% web based advertising system AdPoint integrates seamlessly with any 3rd party sales, production or finance system or ad server. This positions Lineup Systems well a strong strategic partner for media companies aiming to consolidate their advertising operations, access new revenue streams and reduce costs. One example is our collaboration with ppi Media.

How Quickly Can Media Companies Adapt to Industry Change?


Not change for the sake of change but meaningful, industry-matching evolution. Lineup Systems works with hundreds of media executives from publishers, broadcasters and digital content distributors around the world and we recognize the problems and fixes that drive growth and profitability.

Lineup Systems to Co-sponsor SNPA 2014 Industry Summit

Lineup Systems, the leading advertising sales solutions provider, will be a Silver Sponsor at the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association (SNPA) 2014 Industry Summit in Charlottesville, Virginia on October 6 – 8th.

Members of the Lineup Systems US-based team will be attending to network and share insights into how our clients leverage the CRM, lead generation, and ad sales management capabilities of AdPoint to improve sales. AdPoint is the industry’s only true web-based ad sales platform, designed in a digital era for the modern media company, and capable of delivering comprehensive booking solutions across all media channels including online, mobile, tablet, print, and broadcast.

Expressen Goes Live with Lineup Systems’ AdPoint

Lineup Systems’ web based advertising sales and management system AdPoint has successfully launched at the major Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Expressen is one of Sweden’s largest daily newspapers with a circulation of more than 270,000. The new AdPoint advertising system will boost Expressen’s advertising across its daily newspaper plus several magazine titles by delivering more powerful and flexible ad management tools than the legacy advertising system that it replaced.


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