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Thought leadership content should be on your reading list for several reasons. Thought leaders in the publishing industry present unique perspectives on the industry’s challenges, priorities and goals based on specialized knowledge and experience.

Content written by thought leaders can also be an excellent resource for you to make a case for a new initiative within your own publishing organization. Entire companies can even harness thought leadership to drive their mission forward. 

Here are 10 thought leaders in the publishing industry you should check out:

Gordon Borrell

Local media analyst Gordon Borrell is CEO of Virginia-based Borrell Associates as well as a prolific speaker at conferences and meetings. Borrell is frequently quoted in media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Ad Age, Forbes, and more. He has also appeared on CNN and other broadcast programs. Borrell ranks in the top 2% of Gerson Lehrman Group’s 150,000 international consultants.

Borrell hosts The Local Marketing Trends Podcast with research advertising analyst Corey Elliot, where they discuss the latest trends in local media, advertising, and marketing. The 20-minute episodes often feature guest speakers. You can also find Borrell on Twitter at @goborrell and on LinkedIn.

Ellie Edwards-Scott

Ellie Edwards-Scott is a digital media consultant and co-founder of The Advisory Collective, a U.K.-based collective of experts in digital media and technology. Edwards-Scott has experience on both the buying and selling side of the publishing industry, and serves on several industry advisory boards. She also speaks regularly at events and contributes to opinion pieces.

The Advisory Collective recently partnered with New Digital Age and Katzy Communications on a research project titled The Forecast: Digital Media & Marketing 2020. For more from Edwards-Scott, you can find her on Twitter at @ellie_escott and on LinkedIn.

Jason Kint

As CEO of the trade association Digital Content Next (DCN), Jason Kint helps guide DCN’s members into the next chapter of their relationships with marketers and consumers. He helps set the agenda on topics that range from data privacy to revenue models and more. Kint is also chairman of the digital advertising marketplace TRUSTX.

Kint has recently written on Google’s data tracking practices. You can find him on Twitter at @jason_kint and on LinkedIn.

Nancy Lane

Nancy Lane is CEO of the Michigan-based Local Media Association and Local Media Foundation. This non-profit trade organization serves over 3,000 media partners. In 2019, Lane received the Borrell Award of Merit for her innovative contributions to the industry. Lane has written numerous industry reports and blogs, and is a speaker at media events throughout North America and Europe.

Recently, Lane has written on sustainable business models for local media companies. You can find her on Twitter at @localmediarocks and on LinkedIn.

Ari Lewine

As co-founder and chief strategy officer of adtech company TripleLift Media, Ari Lewine is focused on sales, strategy, and innovation. Lewine has been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List for his contributions to the adtech field. He regularly contributes to publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Ad Age, speaks at conferences, and serves on an Interactive Advertising Bureau committee.

Lewine recently wrote on the future of TV advertising. You can find him on Twitter at @arilewine and on LinkedIn.

Martin Maynard

Martin Maynard is the founder of U.K.-based independent sales and marketing agency Spread the Word Media, which serves clients in the U.K., Europe, and the U.S. He is also publisher at Today’s Pharmacist magazine and sales director at InPublishing magazine.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Maynard recently wrote an article to help guide media companies on how their sales teams can continue to build relationships during this challenging time. You can find Maynard on Twitter at @martinmaynard and on LinkedIn.

Lucia Moses

As a deputy editor at Business Insider, Lucia Moses and her team focus on the media, advertising, and telecom industries. Moses also writes stories about digital disruption within the media landscape driven by forces such as tech giants and the subscription economy. Prior to joining Business Insider, Moses was an executive editor at Digiday Media.

Moses publishes a newsletter called the Advertising and Media Insider that delivers industry analysis to readers’ inboxes every week. You can find her on Twitter at @lmoses and on LinkedIn.

Brian Morrissey

Brian Morrissey is Digiday Media’s president and editor-in-chief. He oversees editorial, creative, product development, membership and programming at the New York-based company. Prior to joining Digiday, Morrissey covered the digital advertising industry at Adweek.

Morrissey’s articles often focus on challenges and trends in the publishing industry. He also interviews various media and tech industry guests on the weekly Digiday Podcast. Morrissey is on Twitter at @bmorrissey and on LinkedIn.

Judann Pollack

Judann Pollack has been with Ad Age since 1985 when she started at the New York-based magazine as an editorial assistant. She made her way up through the ranks as a reporter, bureau chief and editor, and is now Ad Age’s executive editor.

Pollack often writes for Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call series, a roundup of daily media industry news. Her recent articles cover topics such as how advertisers must pivot now that the Summer Olympic Games have been moved to 2021. You can find her on Twitter at @judy_pollack and on LinkedIn.

Linda Ruth

Linda Ruth wears many hats. She is CEO of Publishing Management and Consulting, president of Newsstands of America, and a founder of the non-profit organization Exceptional Women in Publishing. Ruth advises companies around the globe on marketing plans, audience development and optimization, magazine launches, and gamification.

You can find Ruth’s books, Internet Marketing for Magazine PublishersHow to Market your Newsstand Magazine, and Secrets of SEO for Publishers on Amazon. She is on Twitter at @Linda_Ruth and on LinkedIn.


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