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2022 Subscription Trends: Top 7 Trends for Publishers to Watch

Subscriptions, in all forms, are here to stay.

Our white paper dives into the top 7 subscription trends we’re seeing for the industry, and we’ll guide you through them, and advise on your next steps to take.

As subscriptions continue to grow and develop, we’ve given insight on some of the following topics in this downloadable white paper:

  • Why subscriptions are here to stay – and how you can adjust your media model to better accommodate them
  • How content creators are driving paid subscription offerings through some of the world’s biggest social media platforms
  • Why less brand loyalty may lead to more subscriber commitment issues across the board
  • How direct-to-consumer journalism will challenge publishers from here on in
  • The importance of personalization, and the technologies out there that are supporting more tailored content experiences
  • Why green consumerism is becoming one of the biggest considerations in the magazine subscriptions space