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World-class support to keep your cloud systems performing at their best.

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World-class support to keep your cloud systems performing at their best.

As a Lineup customer, you expect your systems to run quickly, efficiently, and without interruption. We do, too. That’s why we’ve made sure our products are backed by a team of cloud specialists who will make sure all your IT requirements are taken care of from day one.

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Disaster recovery

We build your system to be resilient and highly available. All Adpoint systems come with our standard disaster recovery (DR) configuration. However, we also offer enhanced disaster recovery options for customers who have specific business continuity needs.

We will work with you to incorporate our DR into your business continuity plans, including running joint DR simulations as part of your implementation project.

Security compliance

We know that the security of your data is paramount, and that’s why we meet the highest standards of compliance with our systems. We are ISO27001 certified, and our Adpoint SaaS solutions are also audited to ISAE3402 (SOC) standards.

Where your system connects to a payment platform, we will audit the system to PCI standards at your request. We also employ an external data privacy auditing company to ensure that we meet the privacy needs of all our customers.

For extra peace of mind, our systems are protected by the latest endpoint protection and security monitoring software.


Today, leading media companies are choosing to let dedicated IT professionals handle their advertising sales technology through the cloud, so they can focus on growing their core business.

We host your system in highly resilient (Tier III+) data centers located all over the world. Our infrastructure teams keep an eye on them 24/7 using the very best monitoring and diagnostic tools. These staff are 100% committed to hosting, maintaining, tuning, and optimizing your systems – they don’t do anything else!

We take care of all aspects of hosting your system – including regular backups, recovery tests, operating system and software patching and maintenance, software upgrades, and performance monitoring and optimization – all while achieving the highest service levels. Uptime across all our systems has remained at 99.99% over the last two years.