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Data is integral to every media organization’s marketing and sales functions. In today’s media landscape, publishers have access to unprecedented volumes of information, so it’s no surprise that 95% of companies are leveraging data to fuel opportunities for predicting customer behavior and driving revenue.

However, without the right technology to manage your data, your team could be wasting valuable time on tasks like gathering data instead of acting on it, which hinders your media organization’s growth.

Modern, flexible, cloud-based media sales technology offers robust reporting capabilities and enables publishers to optimize their sales processes and increase their bottom lines-”with no complex IT infrastructure necessary. In this article, we’ll explore 8 ways to save time and money with a media sales solution built for business in today’s world.

The challenges of wrangling disparate data

Business analysts and finance teams alike are all too familiar with spending tedious hours upon hours collecting data from myriad sources, then attempting to stitch the information together. If your finance team is dedicating a significant amount of their day to pulling revenue figures for your sales team so sales can see how they’re performing against budget, you need to put an end to this madness. 

Your employees’ time would be better spent interpreting and acting on your data to gather insights and make business improvements. Manually wrangling data is not only inefficient, it also leaves room for error. Nearly 90% of executives say incorrect data stifles their ability to deliver solid customer experiences. This is especially problematic considering that the average company considers 25% of its data to be inaccurate.

Poor data hygiene can impact your marketing and sales teams’ business decisions, lower their productivity, and harm your bottom line. However, investing in the right technology can help you get back on track.

Leverage your data with ease

Nearly 80% of companies report using data to increase conversions and acquire new customers, which means it’s to your benefit to gain a deep understanding of the marketing and sales data your media organization collects. You need to know how to store, analyze, and use this data to drive your business forward.

With an advanced media sales analytics solution, scenarios such as your finance team manually pulling revenue figures for sales will instantly become obsolete. Your sales staff will have all the information they need at their fingertips, and your finance staff will have their time freed up to add value to your company in more meaningful ways.

Technology like Lineup Systems’ Adpoint 360 Analytics is built into our Adpoint media sales software and integrates with other Lineup solutions like Ad2Order and Marketplace. It’s easy to use and allows you to act on your data quickly rather than spending precious time gathering information. 

Here are 8 benefits of leveraging modern, flexible media sales reporting that will help you save time and money: 

  • Bird’s eye view: Get a 360-degree view of your sales, operations, and finance functions by accessing real-time data across all of your media organization’s channels, products, and brands.
  • Accuracy: Complete data integration offers you the peace of mind and efficiency of 100% accurate reporting.
  • Personalization: Create custom dashboards and reports with user friendly drag-and-drop functionality so you can view the data you need in the format that makes sense to you, whether in a grid or chart. The best part? Set your preferred report view up once and it’ll stay that way for every report you generate until you change the layout.
  • Easy access: Set up your data visualizations to load automatically on your Adpoint homepage so you won’t even need to click into the reports area to view the information.
  • Sales performance insights: Measure pipeline movements, sales conversion, and performance at the individual or team level, and track these activities against your key performance indicators and budget.
  • Identify revenue opportunities: Draw on data from across all of your multimedia orders to generate reports on customer behavior and trends. This helps you highlight sales risks, prevent churn, and increase revenue through upsells or with new products.
  • Improve finance processes: Create real-time reports to optimize your invoicing, credit control, and cash collection practices-”and to reduce bad debt.
  • Security: Control the flow of information and protect your customer data with permission-based access to dashboards and reports determined by employees’ roles.

Experience the power of Adpoint

In today’s rapidly changing, hyper-competitive media landscape, you can’t afford to let outdated technology, disparate data, and poor data hygiene slow you down. Boasting impressive media intelligence technology, Lineup’s Adpoint media sales solution gives you the flexibility to collect data from all internal sources and even third-party tools. Explore Adpoint 360 Analytics.

Claire Mitchell

With her 10+ years of media experience, Claire, Lineup's Product Manager of Finance & Analytics, is an expert on the intersection of financial needs and tech solutions. In her previous role as the CFO of a UK media company, she was part of the team that selected Lineup as a vendor partner, and worked with Adpoint on a daily basis.