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Audience monetization
& advertising sales solutions

Boost revenue and reduce cost while simplifying your technology with media sales solutions designed to streamline operations

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Media solutions that solve problems and drive business growth

The challenges faced by media companies are many and varied, from complex, inefficient IT systems and the dramatic reduction in print subscriptions to maintaining good margins and ensuring your teams are working at optimum productivity.

CRM systems in particular pose a unique problem. Failure rates can be as high as 69%, while a robust CRM solution can boost sales by 29%, productivity by 34% and drastically cut sales cycles.

All these challenges combined can drive down ROI, create inefficiencies and damage customer relationships- ultimately, they negatively impact your bottom line.

Lineup offers audience growth and advertising monetization solutions that will simplify your tech stack, increase productivity and increase engagement and profitability.

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Adpoint is the complete omnichannel sales and advertising solution for media companies.

Incorporating CRM, OMS, finance and analytics into one seamless solution, adpoint streamlines all workflows and transactions between buyers and sellers to drive greater operational efficiencies across your entire organisation.

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Amplio is a subscription and audience monetisation solution that helps media companies realise their full revenue potential.

All of this ensuring you grow your revenue, reduce your operational costs and simplify your technology infrastructure.

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How Lineup helps businesses reduce operational costs

One of the biggest ways Adpoint has helped our customers drive success is by reducing operational costs. In this short video, we speak with Maarten Witteman from DPG Media on the ways in which Lineup has sped up their operations and saved them money.

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Why choose Lineup?


We have in-depth knowledge of the media and advertising sectors and extensive software experience


Our robust technology offers both digital and print solutions

Strong long-term

93% of our clients consider our software critical to the success of their business


Almost half of our team is dedicated to innovation


Over $31 billion in advertising revenue has been billed through adpoint to date

Fully configurable

Products that are fully flexible to meet your unique requirements