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Sustainability Policy

As a large technology company operating across the globe, we at Lineup recognise our impact on and responsibility to the environment.

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Our Sustainability Policy

We have two primary objectives guiding our sustainability policy:

To understand and measure the impact we have on the environment

To reduce our impact through different ways of working, leveraging technology, and actively involving our staff in environmental initiatives.

These objectives will remain at the heart of our work moving forwards so that we can continue to provide our software services in responsible, sustainable ways.

We’re not interested in greenwashing, or pro-climate rhetoric with little action. We know we have a lot to work on, and we are committed to seeing it through.

What we're doing now

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, we have embraced wholly new ways of working that prioritize sustainability. The biggest change was closing down our offices in London and Colorado and prioritizing remote work meetings. This removed the use of energy, heating, lighting, and technical infrastructure while dramatically reducing the need for daily commuting or work travel.

Another key component to our new, sustainable ways of working is our investment in collaboration platforms. These ensure that our work-from-home teams can stay connected and efficient with shared electronic documents, online reviews and approvals, electronic signatures, and more. This has allowed us to go paperless, reducing our paper consumption from dozens of reams a week to zero.

We’ve also ensured that sustainability is built into our supply chain by choosing a host provider that upholds the same values. OVH, who host all Lineup software, adheres to an active program for environmental protection that prioritizes energy management and reduction. Since hosting is the biggest source of our environmental impact, this relationship will play an important role as we develop our sustainability policy.

What we'll be doing more of

While Lineup meets its responsibility under the UK Environment Act 2021 and the US National Environmental Policy Act, we recognise that we need to do more – and here’s how.

Our first step is to accurately measure our energy consumption and establish our baseline emissions. This will allow us to develop a measurable action plan on how to reduce and offset our carbon footprint. We have already taken a positive step forward with our new ways of working, and these will be turned into formal policies and procedures in order to support this plan.

The largest single source of our environmental impact is hosting. This is why we chose OVH as our software’s host provider. Their environmental protection program aligns with our values and ensures that sustainability stays at the heart of everything we do.

But there is always room for improvement, which is why we will be working with OVH to further minimize the impact of our systems hosting, while still offering unmatched quality services to our customers.

Why sustainability is important to us

Lineup is more than a media software provider. It’s a family of nearly 150 individuals, and every single one of us cares about the future of our world. Everyone on this planet deserves a future where the air is cleaner and the environment is protected, and we are committed to playing our part in ensuring that happens.

We also want to continue offering our high quality services to customers for many years to come, and sustainability is the key to allowing us to do that. From how we interact with our local communities to how we minimize our impact on the world, environmental responsibility and ethical practices will stay at the heart of what we do.

We know that sustainability is not a one-time task. We know that this will be an ongoing effort. But most importantly, we are committed to championing environmental excellence and transforming Lineup into a leader in sustainable technology.