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The 21st century fire-safe

One of the biggest threats to IT systems is, because the way it attacks your systems can completely paralyze your organization.

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Learn how to mitigate and prevent attacks, hear about the experiences of some of Lineup’s customers and what they learned, and understand how an immutable storage service protects your data even in worst case scenarios.

Who this talk is for?
Anyone worried about the threat of cyber crime in their business, specifically:

  • IT Managers
  • Data security officers

What you’ll get out of it?
An understanding of how Lineup are using new technologies to protect against cyber threats, and how you can do this for your systems

Other topics that are available

Immutable Storage
As a media company, you already know how important it is to safeguard data against corruption and loss. Lineup provides immutable storage solutions that keep your records 100% safe – even when all other security measures fail.

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Our Sustainability Policy
As a large technology company operating across the globe, we at Lineup recognise our impact on and responsibility to the environment.

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Audience Monetization & Advertising Sales Solutions
Boost revenue and reduce cost while simplifying your technology with media sales solutions designed to streamline operations

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Why choose Lineup?


We have in-depth knowledge of the media and advertising sectors and extensive software experience


Our robust technology offers both digital and print solutions

Strong long-term

93% of our clients consider our software critical to the success of their business


Almost half of our team is dedicated to innovation


Over $31 billion in advertising revenue has been billed through adpoint to date

Fully configurable

Products that are fully flexible to meet your unique requirements


partners worldwide


of staff focused on innovation


in advertising revenue billed through Adpoint