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We’re all constantly striving to be more time-efficient with our daily tasks, and by utilizing the most powerful OMS on the market with Adpoint, there are some simple ways you can gain back some of your day by following our three simple tips.

Today’s digital market is constantly changing, and your customers are looking for ways they can targets specific ads to the audiences they need. A result of this is that booking processes are becoming more complex. With Adpoint, we’ve identified ways you can eliminate some manual steps, simplify processes, and eliminate possible areas for error, so your sales reps will have more time available to seek out new opportunities.

Book ads in fewer steps

Creating bespoke orders for every customer can be time-consuming, especially when several of the criteria will be the same for multiple different orders. A simple way to book ads in fewer steps is to create templates for commonly selected targeting groups or frequently used audiences so that your sales reps will be able to save time on those orders that are used most often. Your templates will repopulate the selections for an order, allowing your sales reps to move through process more swiftly. Depending on the size and complexity of the templates, you could be saving a significant amount of time per booking this way.

Revamp your product catalog

Instead of creating new products for every customer, leave your product catalogue fairly open and allow your system to price based on targeting and the selections you chose during the booking process.

Utilizing basic additions within complex bookings allows you to price based on the items that you’re targeting instead of creating individual products for each option, as your customers’ needs and the audiences that they’re looking for can vary quite extensively.

Create prices based on the selections and targeting you chose, but also the internal rules that you apply within the system. The system will increase the costs based on the selections you pick – so you can allow Adpoint to do the calculations and provide the customized pricing for you. Automated processes like this will save several minutes per booking, and also reduce the risk of human error along the way.

Auto-import your targeting criteria

Any tasks that you can schedule to automate will save you and your team time throughout the day and avoid repetitive manual tasks. Your adserver should integrate seamlessly with your OMS, allowing you to create scheduled imports of targeting criteria.

Within Adpoint you can set the specific times and criteria that you wish to import and easily update this with any changes to key filters or terms you want to exclude. You also have a full history of previous imports to see all the changes that were made, items that were updated or things that were skipped. This will also ensure you have updated and clean data within your OMS of both key values and audience segments.

Liz Lewis

With over 10 years industry experience, Liz, Lineup's Head of Marketing, excelled in marketing roles across several verticals before focusing on SaaS platforms and the media industry. Her particular interest is in using data and insights to better understand customers wants and needs, and how to use these to drive business growth.