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When the time comes to replace one or more software solutions in your tech stack, the process of getting your entire organization together to confirm what’s needed can be daunting. When a new system reaches across multiple departments, the process can be complicated. Competing business interests can cause stress and confusion, stalling your team before you even begin.-¯

Writing a “Request for Proposal” is one solution to this chaos – a document your organization can send to several vendors, with all your questions in one place. While it is true that this process prevents many headaches, it can also be a headache of its own if you don’t know where to begin.-¯-¯

That’s why we’ve taken the guess work out of RFP writing for you, with a simple to understand and easy to edit-¯RFP template. This is a great starting place in your search for a new order management system, because it helps your entire team get on the same page-¯before-¯you spend precious time meeting with vendors.-¯-¯

We’ve organized this template with a different tab per business area, and the ability to highlight questions that pertain to specific business goals. There are also tips throughout the ‘vendor response’ section to help you evaluate vendor responses later. Inside, you’ll see questions to help you evaluate:-¯

  • Vendor Background-¯information (is this company a good fit for your organization’s needs and culture?)-¯
  • Services & Support-¯questions to help you understand what level of support you can expect from each vendor-¯
  • System Admin-¯evaluation to ensure you know upfront how many settings and permissions you can configure internally-¯
  • Integration-¯details so you know which of your systems can be integrated with your new solution-¯
  • Order Management System-¯evaluation questions spanning inventory & pricing, print, digital, reporting and billing requirements-¯

We’ve also included a comprehensive guide to writing an RFP, which includes helpful resources to get you thinking about how your RFP questions relate to your broader business goals. Inside this guide, you’ll find:-¯

  • 4 reasons you should write an RFP
  • How to choose questions that match your goals
  • Three common goals organizations have in mind when searching for a new solution-¯
  • A step-by-step checklist of how to go about the RFP writing process-¯
  • Tips on how to identify the right vendors to send your RFP to-¯

These free resources take the guesswork out of RFP writing. Whether you’re looking for a new software solution, or evaluating one that’s not performing as it should, this is a great starting point. Download the guide for-¯free, and-¯be sure to-¯contact us-¯directly if you have questions.-¯


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