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Are you a lone wolf, or do you value the power of collaboration? As a publisher in today’s media landscape, working with innovative industry partners can help you gain a competitive advantage in your market, and increase customer acquisition and retention.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the depth, breadth and capabilities that commercial partnerships and technology integration networks can offer your media organization. We’ll also walk you through how our latest innovations at Lineup Systems enable faster and more seamless integrations for our customers.

Partnerships are key to progress

Technology is evolving at breakneck pace, rewriting and reshaping the art of the possible for media organizations globally. As the digital transformation era charges ahead, a plethora of pioneering companies have arisen or evolved to help publishers improve delivery management and increase sales. These companies include everything from specialist ad servers like Adswizz to major software vendors like Google Ad Manager and Xandr.

To remain relevant and competitive in the media industry, publishers would be wise to explore partnerships with technology vendors that can help shoulder the burden of managing daily operations, and provide access to greater resources. This is true for media organizations of all sizes and at all stages in their development.

“Collaboration is a proven catalyst for innovation. If you’re leading a well-established company, you may be tempted to think that you can continue flourishing on your own, but proactively seeking out productive partnership opportunities can jump-start your business’s growth in a number of ways,” according to Forbes.

Forming strategic commercial partnerships can help your business break out of old patterns of thinking and work toward objectives that may have seemed impossible to achieve with your internal team alone. These partnerships can also enable your employees to develop skills in new areas, and even allow you to attract top talent to join your team-”filling gaps in technical expertise as a result. In addition, partnerships help you deliver greater value to your customers while saving money on product development.

Working with an innovative partner that offers robust integration capabilities for your tech stack means you’ll be able to address pain points in your business quickly, so you can turn your attention to increasing your subscriber and advertiser bases.

VL OMNI says “You’ll expand out applications, avoid redundant functionality, and keep your own internal processes from slowing down your organic growth.”

Optimizing the publishing ecosystem

At Lineup Systems, we’re building an ecosystem of the media industry’s top advertising and subscription technology. As the world’s #1 media sales solution, we understand the importance of working as partners across the entire publishing ecosystem to achieve the best results possible for media organizations as a global collective. 

Fostering active partnership programs is key to our approach. To date, we have integrated with over 100 different publishing systems. We proactively seek out new partners to help drive greater success for our customers, facilitating seamless integration across systems and optimizing publishers’ lead-to-cash conversion. And, we work diligently to ensure we provide industry leading integration services to support these partnerships. Here’s how:

  • We support an extensive set of application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as plugin and widget architecture, and we offer full developer integration services
  • In 2022, we’ll be launching our Adpoint Connect initiative, including:
    • enhancements to our API services to allow customers more flexibility as well as the ability to run custom sales qualified lead queries
    • a new self-service integrations platform to enable customers to easily drag and drop files with no coding capability needed
    • a new plug-and-play app marketplace where customers can view new partner installations and submit installation requests instantly

Following foundational best practices for choosing partners is critical. So, what makes a good partner? We look for cultural fit (a mission for helping drive success in media companies), customer demand for products, and innovation. 

“Organizations that are serious about making change are serious about performance measurement, first on their own and then in any partnership. They use data and evidence to find out how their hard work and investments are actually improving the world-”or not-”and they adjust their organization and programs accordingly,” says this article by Classy.

When you use our Adpoint media sales solution or our Amplio subscription management platform, you have the opportunity to leverage partnerships with vendors who are pioneers in their areas of expertise, including:

  • Adserv (radio planning/scheduling)
  • Integration X (layout and pagination)
  • Advisr (opportunity recommendation)
  • OnAudience (data management)

Your partner in revenue generation

We’ve now covered why partnerships are key to progress as a media organization, and how we’re working with other innovative companies to optimize the publishing ecosystem and help you reach your goals. 

Interested in partnering with Lineup Systems or finding out more about how we can simplify your tech ecosystem? Contact us today.

Dawn Briddon

As Director of both Product and Marketing, Dawn oversees the entire lifecycle of the Lineup product portfolio, defining the strategic product plan, and driving the successful execution of this strategy from concept to market launch and adoption.