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Lineup stays ahead of competition to keep you ahead of yours

By October 1, 2014February 11th, 2022No Comments
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At the recent World Publishing Expo (IFRA) Lineup shared some of the innovations that keep us miles ahead of our competition.

Our clients rely on our industry expertise to maintain their competitive edge, including:

CRM features beyond best practice

Adpoint’s business development capabilities exceed media industry best practice and deliver a clear improvement in sales performance.

Multichannel capabilities

With Adpoint’s market-leading digital capabilities, media companies can book complex, cross-platform campaigns in a single order, quickly and easily.

Powerful integrations

Adpoint’s open architecture and 100% web-based design provide unrivaled flexibility and ease of integration with any ad server or 3rd party sales, production, document management or accounting system.

Enterprise financial management

Adpoint provides intelligent billing and revenue recognition in one integrated system, giving greater control over invoicing and financial management.

World-class analytics and lead generation

Adpoint analytics gives real-time insights into business performance, leading to measurable sales improvements. Our customers use Adpoint to know their customer base, generate successful leads, track progress, and focus their sales efforts using insight and lead generation tools built directly into Adpoint.

Multimedia packages

Our extended package booking tools give greater flexibility and control over building custom packages efficiently.

Self-service portal

Adpoint’s newly improved portal gives self-serving customers a simpler but more powerful ability to build and book multi-media ads.


Lineup Systems is the leading global provider of media sales technology. Its cloud-based system, Adpoint, is the industry’s only true end-to-end sales and revenue management solution. It has been specifically designed to enable media businesses to save time, work more efficiently, and increase sales. In 2021, Lineup Systems launched Amplio, an all-in-one platform that assists customers with data consolidation, data-driven continuous marketing, subscriptions, and billing.